Saturday, August 30, 2008

what i learned behind the wheel

i would like to think that i am a keen observer. having some background in medicine as well as in design, observation, if not is the most important, is one skill one has to learn how to master. there are plenty of things one can learn, as well as questions that can be answered by simply paying attention and looking at the right places.

one of the many "right places" i have found, i stumble upon whenever i drive. being the nervous driver that i am, my senses are at their peak whenever i am behind the wheel, good in a way as its a very effective solution in keeping myself alive when i throw myself into manila traffic. being in what feels like the morning "witching hour", i tend to notice the weirdest things. funny, now that i think of it, being distracted is the WORST that could happen to me while driving... anyway. allow me to share some of the factoids of life that i have learned behind the wheel:

1. garfield the cat hates mondays and so do i. mondays so far exhibit the best as well as the worst as far as traffic is concerned. best since u can notice the fresh enthusiasm in ppl as everyone seems to be extra punctual on mondays. more ppl on the road, more buses waiting for these ppl, more cars weaving in and out avoiding these buses. it's a total mess, which by the way is the worst.

2. ningas kugon, as the old saying goes. come tuesdays thru friday, you notice the gradual decongestion of the streets as, obviously, this enthusiam slowly (but surely) drains away.

3. rain is bad for gremlins, as it too is bad for pedestrians. i really cannot understand people when it rains. i mean, they would rather have themselves run down by vehicles skidding on slippery roads than get themselves wet. you see this type of people running into busy streets, with umbrella ocluding their vision of the on-coming traffic. i mean, if u really want to cross the road, cross it when the cars are stopped!!!

4. motorcyclists have a world of their own.

5. armoured cars are exempted from following any traffic rules whatsoever. they are like firetrucks or ambulances, only they carry guns and lots of cash.

6. private vehicles that sound their sirens like it makes them more gwapo is the lamest thing in the world. i especially hate it when they sound it off to tell you to move aside. i mean... FUCK YOU, i was here first.

7. korean tourists, actually, all koreans for that matter, are bad jay walkers. either they are just bad at crossing streets of they are so disciplined in their societies that "breaking" the law is as foreign to them as... well, breaking the law.

8. europeans are just as bad as the koreans, for the same reasons.

9. whoever said that women drivers are bad are grossly mistaken. men are still by a light year worse! i remember when i was younger, riding in my dad's car that whenever he would get frustrated at an indesisive or slow car that he would cuss out that it was because it's a lady driver. well, based on my personal experience, lady drivers stick to the right lanes, follow street signs, observe traffic rules, and well, are very pleasant indeed. male drivers on the other hand (cute or hideously ugly!) are still the "salot" of the streets... taxi drivers in particular.

10. one thing i can say about ladies on the road tho is, when encountering a group of girls on the road, observe that the ALWAYS cross in a flock. like geese in migration, they move in unison like telling you they have strength in numbers. it's cute when it's actually their turn to cross the street, not so much when ALL of them are jay walking. it becomes exeptionally more irritating when they become passive aggressive and start playing "patintero" with you. i mean, yes, your are flocking... but to my speeding AUV, u gals look more like bowling pins just waiting for a strike!

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