Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy memories

last friday, we threw my client a surprise birthday party. ervin, my former classmate and head conspirator had us all come in at different times just to throw my client off. i am happy to say that through his meticulousness, we were able to pull off a good one! i'm posting pics here from that day, care of sherwin and richie, to remind me of good times.

surprise!!!! those candles were damn hard to blow!!! was worried for a moment there that fran might get light headed from blowing.

the allez hop! family, minus richie since he was camera man

fran and i, damn my iridescent whiteness!!

ervin and fran, the ones who started it all for me. my gratitude for them knows no bounds.

with richie, my "other" brother. pardon the sweaty stains. got stuck in the basement waiting for the slowest elevator in the world to take me to the 15th floor!

ervin, richie and the wandering polar bear

with fran and richie

opening presents!!

ervin with mauser, fran's tabby cat. by far the cutest, most beautiful cat i have seen!

ervin belting to the tunes of wency cornejo!

richie, sherwin and ervin, my compares :)

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