Thursday, August 28, 2008

under the silver sky

today is the first day in what feels like a very long time that i did not go to work (i.e., my site). after the successful soft opening yesterday of allez hop! i decided to take the day off and focus on recharging my batteries and experiencing again some semblance of normalcy at home. i realized that it has been a while since i had a conversation with my mom that did not involve single word sentences followed by my sudden flight out the front door. it has also been quite a while since i last saw my older brother. quite remarkable since we live in the same house, in the same floor, and (still) share the same room. having a real conversation with him was also a bonus. yes, life felt like how it was again today. there were a few moments when my mind would slowly drift back into those hectic days but i stood my ground, nothing stressful today, even if just today.

funny, how i managed to get myself distracted was to actually go back to working on a new project. been spending the entire day compiling pictures as well as fixing my drawings for my presentation. it actually felt good to design again and have the juices flowing. though i don't mind seeing my work executed, i really have most of my fun when i design. this presentation has been long overdue. my client's lounge/ office and ervin's bachelor pad is gonna be spectacular!!! i hope they love it as much as they liked my proposal for allez hop!

being it "back to normalcy" day today, out of habit, i stopped work at 6pm and got ready to go to gym. i packed my bag and headed out. as i walked, i suddenly had a stroke of nostalgia (hehehe, i was never subtle when it came to drama). it seems like it too has been a while since i WALKED to my gym. i live pretty close by and to save on gas and parking money, i made it my routine to walk from home. however, lately, since i usually leave work late, i just drive myself there, too tired to actually bother going home first.

my walk felt different today. the dusk sky was a beautiful shade of cornflower blue with streaks of vermilion and cadmium here and there. the moon was rising in the distance, casting everything in an eerie wash of silver and grey. the moon light made my skin looked iridescent as all color it seemed, the evening light drained away. i noticed and basing from all the stares i got, other people noticed too. my walk made my mind at peace. i was quiet for the first time in a very long time. i found myself in a grimace and feeling frustrated since it would make it even more perfect if i knew how to whistle. as i neared my destination, i reminded myself that this thought would be something nice to write about, and so i document it now.

gym was the same. pain, sweat and lots of endorphines!

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