Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a "la lang" post

having been disconnected for the past couple of days and not having blogged about anything has left me in a rut. hoping top overcome the inertia, i am blogging just for the sake of blogging...

hmmm, was driving to work this morning when i remembered about a topic that would be interesting to write about. unfortunately for me, i have the memory of a potato and that topic is now long lost among the plethora of other mental vomits i have conjured and then forgot. sigh, and to think that i knew it would a good thing to write about... tsk, tsk.

things about today that i think made it different from the rest:

1. melloida's birthday.
2. meeting castro from college after not seeing him in ages!
3. being intoxicated with paint fumes.
4. eating at makati's "jolly jeep" for the first time.
5. having kamote fries from the "jolly jeep".
6. hearing ervin talk about his medical, his first time to strip naked in front of a doctor.
7. having my foreman have his first experience with pei pa koa, and now he's addicted to the stuff.
8. saw a cute guy at the elevator :) in gym attire!!!!
9. exercising my divaness at site over my laminate floor installers.
10. did my good deed for the day by allowing pedestrians to cross even if i had right of way. it also helped that they were beautiful europeans touring in chinatown.