Wednesday, November 21, 2007

visit to grandma

i went to see my grandma today. it was great seeing her again as the last time i saw her was when i left again for dubai almost 7 months ago. she looked thinner than the last time i saw her and she said that she lost 12 lbs. despite her being rather sallow looking, the magnanimity of her personality is still there and you cannot but just hug her to bits!!! my grandma, the progenitor of my family's chi, one of the pillars of my life.

while i was at her place, my eyes kinda wandered off to the collage of pictures she has of us grandchildren laminated under the glass of her writing desk and a picture caught my eye. its a pic of all of us "older cousins" back when one of my uncles got married and i was part of the wedding entourage. im posting a pic here but decided to blur out the faces of the others, lest they hunt me down and hang me on my toes!. i think i was 4 when this pic was taken and i was the ring bearer of the bunch. my other cousin was the flower girl. i kinda remember bits and pieces of the events, what i dont remember though was how atrocious my costume was!!! OMG! a satin bow tie, i look like those dancing monkeys in paris who begs for money!!!! what were they thinking, rather, what did they drug me with to get me into that!!!!!?

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