Friday, November 23, 2007

reunion over a wake

had a fun filled day yesterday when i met up with 3 of my friends, richie, mark and melissa. wasn't expecting to see melissa this soon since she's supposed to come home only later this year. sadly though, her grandmum passed away this week so she had to fly in for the wake and burial. it was a rather short reunion since we didn't spend that much time together due to our schedules. but it was definitely a good teaser of what is yet to come. you wouldn't think of having nutballs get at it at a wake, but what do you expect from nutballs anyway? we talked and talked about almost anything. dubai, NY, sex, work, melissa's cute BF, school, dubai, NY, work, sex... if mel's grandmum could hear what we were talking about, she would be blushing! it was a good thing we were talking in an enclosed room, if people could hear what we were talking about, they would SWEAR we were being disrespectful to the deceased!

anyway, it was great to see all of them nonetheless. it felt good to feel their personal presence again and not just settle for cyber chitchat or occasional cyber battery over facebook. nothing beats the real thing. seeing them also kinda made it sink in that time did fly. for the past couple of days, i have been trying to get used to the fact that i was gone for some time. it's hard to convince yourself that you were gone when your reference points did not change at all. i however didn't feel that sink in as much as when i met up with mark, mel and rich. so much was still the same, yet a lot has changed as well. they have grown, i have grown. they changed, i changed. i still have to give myself a bit of time to reconcile this in my head. coupled with my actual jetlag, i have to deal with the social jetlag as well.

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