Monday, November 19, 2007

the first fight

not barely on my second day at home did the first fight break loose. some drunk started screaming about killing someone and the women started screaming, or the dogs started howling, i don't know which went first.

to those of you who are not used to to hearing people threaten other people of murder on a daily basis, this would be considered the sights and sounds of tondo, manila's ghetto. my home. my house stands exactly at the corner of this "complex" of shanties built one on top of the other, like lego blocks, that soar up to the skies (well, if the skies were only 3 stories high that is). anyways, poverty and a passion for living i guess has driven some of the inhabitants of this colony into doing some rather stupid things, one primarily is getting one self drunk and still believe that one has a clear grasp of reality. hence, i hear these screams of adultery, betrayal, lies, lasciviousness, thievery, and whatnots so often, they sound like cock crows in the morning. living in tondo has to make you strong in a way. not the bully kind of strong but to survive in a place where violence can break out at an instant, you have to be super aware of your surroundings. it kills the conscience though sometimes as it makes you cynical.

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