Wednesday, November 14, 2007

4 days to go and counting...

i have four more days to go before this chapter of my life comes to a close. it has rather been a hectic week for me considering i should be taking it easy now. i only managed to get my last salary together with my severance pay just yesterday. despite having tendered my resignation two months ago, my company still took their wee little time to process my papers. following up, nicely i must say, doesn't see to translate to them how urgent my concern is, even if i have already told them that i am flying out on sunday. they give one unbelievable reason after reason, until you really have no choice but to loose your temper. only then do they decide to budge, only then do you get results. i actually had one of the accountants apologize to me and say that no one leaves the company loving it. sad....

met up with friends last night for dinner and some good ol' fashion chit chat. talked about life, work and the everything else in between, but mostly about work. funny that now i don't work anymore, and that my presence in 4 days will no longer be felt, people are starting to become more honest with me. people are starting to shed their false skins and showing truly who they are. either that or i am now more willing to see these people in the right light, since i don't have to work with them and share the same space with them anymore. no need to maintain workspace harmony, hence, the claws are out. apparently, their horns have been out a long time ago. it was good to have that night and get peoples' opinion of the the real situation we are in. who are those whom we can trust and who are those whom we should be careful around.

vikki, mahmood and i went to the park hyatt last night, overlooking the creek to have my first experience of shisha-ing. i was advised to have the grape with mint as this would be more soothing to a shisha novice like me. it felt funny that i was holding onto the pipe like i was the caterpillar in alice in wonderland. i took my first puff and it felt good... :) i described it like inhaling toothpaste with the minty aftertaste. it didn't really smell like grape though but the mint was definitely there. mahmood warned me that i might feel a bit whoozy after, of which i did when i inhaled too much. i found the best position to keep my head from spinning though, which is just to lay back and slouch. definitely, shisha is very laid back. i tried the apple after (mahmood's choice) and i quite liked it actually more than my mint. il remember to try it next time i shisha, back in manila of course. mahmood said that this will be his legacy for me, that every time i shisha, i should remember him. i most definitely would.

it was a beautiful night, sitting with great friends, experiencing something for the first time. i honestly didn't want the night to end. i will miss all of them terribly.

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