Tuesday, November 27, 2007

back to the days of pain

before i start getting people concerned that i have fallen back to the good old melancholic days, i would like to put all of your worries at ease and say that this entry has nothing to do with that. i just re-enrolled in my old gym. i have finally gotten enough momentum to drag my fat butt back to hitting iron.

like most of the things in my neighborhood, nothing much has changed in my old gym. still the same trainers, still the same receptionist, still the same machines. same music, same decor, same smell, everything is exactly the same. i'm not really sure if i should feel happy or not that despite my long absence, everything stayed the way that they were before i left. you would think that i would feel some sense of ease knowing that everything stayed the same, however, it feels rather unnerving that nothing seems to be changing, evolving, improving. o yeah, one thing did change, the fee. it increased.

working out again after a long hiatus felt weird, though a couple of minutes into my routine, things started feeling right again. i guess it's muscle memory, my body just kinda kicked back in to the groove and i didn't have to adjust so much to the change. of course i was back again to lifting the lighter weights, puny i'm sure compared to the load these gargantuan body builders in my gym use. it felt rather frustrating that i was starting again from the beginning since it took me such a long time to loose all of the weight before, as well as achieve the tone that i had before i left. o well, no point crying over spilled milk, what's in the past is in the past.

i decided to start my routine today with my favorite muscle group, the back. i always believed i had a weak back, hence i made sure that i made my entire body ache before i would be satisfied that i had worked out every single muscle involved. also, since i have a wide hip, bulking up my back would give the width i need to divert attention from them, giving me the sense of a smaller waist (it's all about image). back exercises also consequently work out my biceps since the routine involves a lot of pulling motions. it's also the perfect muscle group to work out if you're short of time since the back exercises work out probably the largest muscle group in the body, the legs coming in a far second. i sound like i slew myself at the gym this morning but don't get any ideas, as i said, i'm back to beginner weights.

i ended my entire routine today in less than 2 hours. quite short considering before i used to spend like 3 hours at the gym. i'm deciding i'l take it slow this time around. pay more attention in doing slow controlled movements rather than the almost marathon like pace i used to do before. i would like to get lean mass and loose as much body fat as what is considered healthy. right now, my main objective is to be able to fit into the clothes i used to wear before. God knows how expensive it will be to redo my wardrobe again!

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