Sunday, November 4, 2007

the first post

i have decided to create a new blog since after almost three years of posting on "the design apothecary", i have noticed that i never really posted anything about design. i actually have been thinking of giving my old blog a new address since it just irritates me that my blog address had nothing to do with my blog contents. sorry, im fussy that way.

despite my blogging for the past few years, i havent still gotten used to the techy-ness of blog making (did that make any sense). i sincerely feel i am getting too old for cyberspace and would greatly appreciate it if someone out there could help me in making my blog look more interesting. these templates, i swear, are just a drag.

so here is to my new post in my new blog, the wandering polar bear. its basically the same as my old blog, just, that theres a new name. il still keep the old blog, hopefully, sometime in the future, start posting actual design articles.

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