Wednesday, November 7, 2007

la opera

one of my most favorite operatic pieces by a true opera diva.... maria callas.

i love how she looks in this clip, definitely age with much grace. an interesting observation though, i just love how her hair was done. either it was the style of the time but it just looks SO jackie O! funny that maria callas' ex-lover MARRIED jackie, hence the O!

my friends and i were supposed to drive to abu dhabi to watch the opera "carmen" at the emirates palace hotel. unfortunately, the tickets on the day we wanted to see it got sold out. i always presumed that the locals here don't really appreciate classical theater, much more opera, but i guess i was proven wrong.

anyway, no biggie really. i am not too much disappointed by this since for me, on my last few days here with friends, it's really the company that matters. Carmen can wait, maybe i can watch it in a more spectacular place, in Europe maybe?

for now, YouTube will do.

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