Saturday, November 24, 2007

an unexpected call

last night at around 12MN local time, i received a call from someone i never expected to get a call from. was kinda odd to have someone call me on my mobile so late in the night, to my surprise when i looked over my phone, it was the name of my zulu friend from dubai whose name was flashing.

it was sure nice to hear the same familiar voices again. he was out with vikki and hearing her voice was definitely refreshing as well, together with her signature grunts and complaints of how "hungry" she was. they just came from surya's place and were most probably talking about some freelance work. my zulu friend has quite an entrepreneurial spirit, you see.

i can't seem to believe that i was talking to an african zulu, last night, in dubai. that i was actually there with those people once and that they are my friends. here i am, on the other side of the planet, in the tropics, in the islands. i am surrounded by the same walls that sheltered me in my childhood, the same confines in which i convinced myself that home is here, between these walls. that the philippines is the place to be, that manila is the place to be, and yet since the day i arrived, all that seems to come out of my mouth is dubai.

am i regretting coming home? am i longing for the riches of egypt while i wander in the wilderness? or am i just having withdrawals of the life that i have made myself live for the last 16 months? manila has not changed but i changed. my home has not changed but i changed. my fear now is that, was the change necessary because i was in dubai? if yes, do i change back now that i am back home? if no, then how do i sustain the changed me?

i think i'm lost again. what concerns me is that i haven't even started yet. i need to regain my momentum.

on a lighter note, i stumbled on this clip that i just found too adorable not to share. careful, viewing the clip might cause your system to overload and your head to explode. i'm still picking up bits of myself.

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Anonymous said...

did you get this from IT'S SO CUTE IT'S SICK.COM??
hahahaha : P - Macveen