Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my first luxury purchase

i am not all used to pampering myself, much more buying myself things. either it stems from a seriously contorted idea of the self or the exercise of extreme utilitarianism or being raised by an overly practical mom and a recluse of a dad, whatever the case, the end is the same. i'm not used to self pampering.

all however is going to change. lately, i have been allowing myself to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. true, i am deeply gratified by having been able to fulfill my responsibilities. though these would be ego-indulging pats on the back, sometimes, it also helps to increase your self-worth my treating yourself to something luxurious. the exercise of your powers as a consumer, having the ability to choose whether or not to buy something, is definitely addicting. i, for one don't feel immune to such temptations.

despite my compulsion to account for everything i spend, since moving here to dubai, i have learned to show some laxity in certain expenditures, just that so life here won't feel like i'm working as a slave. i believe that since i work hard, that at least i get to enjoy the mindless task of playing hard, in this case, buying hard. don't get me wrong though, my purchases are still highly calculated but hey, i have to start somewhere. anyways, i was never really an impulse buyer.

meet my new watch. it's a louis erard timepiece that i have been eying for the past few months now ( o dear, did i just say months?). it's rather sporty looking but i still like the fact that there is a timelessness to its look. its rather versatile that i can wear either for formal or casual occasions. i love the thickness of the drum and the exquisite finish of the stainless steel. i was originally considering another model but when i went back to see it again this time, i didn't like it that much anymore. this one however still had me captivated. so there, my first luxury purchase. after more that a full year of work, i rewarded myself with this beauty.

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