Tuesday, November 6, 2007

day 14, the sequel!

as if cooking for lunch wasn't enough, my itchy cooking hands got a-moving again. with inspiration of stuffing my friend, macveen, up with lunch tomorrow, i decided to whip up another beef dish, asian, of course. the menu for tomorrow, spicy korean beef stew.

don't know how this one will turn out since i couldn't get my hands on ribs so i used beef cubes instead. they are rather tough and long to cook so i kinda scored them up to "butterfly" them, so to say. seared them up and proceeded to make my stew. this one isn't as ginger-y as my last attempt. also, its a bit spicy since i decided to put chili in it. il add the sesame seeds and the green onions tomorrow before i serve it so as not to loose the aroma of the ingredients from re-heating.

i also proceeded sunbathing my legs as planned today. thing there is, they didn't even tan, not even some degree of redness. this is considering i was out in the sun for more than an hour. drat... good thing i was alone by the pool. i could only imagine the embarrassment i'd suffer when ppl find out that my legs are so white, it reflects UV rays like butter on teflon!

before ending, i would like to greet my dad an advance happy birthday. my love to you pa, i will be seeing you in two weeks. you have a good one. i love you very much. (i sound like i'm greeting my relatives on some cheesy variety show!!!!)

ju kap di tong chay, kyu ju ho di chok hok. gwa ya ban tai tiya di.


Macveen said...
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Macveen said...

Sadly PICA ate up all of Spicy Korean Beef Stew, R.I.P. : (