Monday, November 5, 2007

day 14

good morning. i cant believe i actually got up at 10 today and had for my first activity, the gym! forgive me for relishing my new found bum lifestyle. i'm just enjoying it while i still have it. certainly a good way to end a year's worth of hard work. not really thinking of this as my vacation but more a hiatus from things to come. hopefully, when the next chapter of my life unfolds, i would be well energized to again seize the day.

decided to start cooking again after a long time. i used to cook a lot before but as stress from work started to build up, i no longer had the energy to think, much more to cook. if only that also meant i no longer had the energy to eat then it all would have been great. since i stopped cooking, i have been gorging on junk food as well as fast food. all of which have wrecked havoc on my body. my clothes don't fit me well anymore and my endurance has markedly decreased. i now have a built in lifesaver growing on my waist and i am starting to exhibit signs of gynecomastia! i therefore made a pact with myself that in the duration of my last days in dubai, i will be eating healthy again and working out to loose the flab. i am not expecting wonders and be in tip-top runway model shape, but any degree of firming up would be greatly appreciated.

today's recipe is beef with broccoli. decided to start my cooking re-debut with an all time chinese classic. not only does it combine two of my favorite ingredients (um, well, beef and broccoli), but it is amazingly simple to prepare and of course, reminds me of home. slice up the beef, slice up the broccoli, crush the garlic, stir fry with oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar and salt for added flavor and VOILA! a meal in less than 30 mins... well, ideally that is. i'm a really slow cook so i'm pretty sure it took me more time. besides, i was also in on the phone with my friend while i was cooking so i really had to slow down.

i received a call from my mom this morning while i was at the gym. she just told me how excited she was that i was on my way home. i'm glad that at least she is. i'm pretty sure after all the stories she has heard of my anguish here that it's a relief that now i'm on my way back.

thinking of doing some sun bathing later, just for my severely pasty legs as there is now a sharp contrast between my arms and my legs. either that or i might walk to karama and look for knick knacks for me to bring home as gifts. would be nice to give away stuff... just that most souvenirs here feel so kitschy!

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