Sunday, June 29, 2008


since i already had a premonition that i will be having an uneventful sunday, i decided to have my weekend picker-upper on a saturday instead. i had work scheduled in the morning in makati and after that, i was pretty much free. not a few minutes sooner before leaving home, i get a message from a friend asking if i was free to go out. like a sign from GOD i tell ya! i text him back that i need to check something for work but have nothing else planned after, if he minds tagging along. he replies that he didnt. i willingly picked him up and off we went!

saturdays dont often come out as enjoyable for me. dont know why though. maybe since i work still on saturday or that because saturday just feel like any other day of the week. definitely nothing like sundays where everything kinda slows down to a halt.. that is, unless ur in SM, but thats another story.

my dear companion for the day was kind enuf to treat me for lunch. he said it was his post-birthday treat since he didnt get to treat me out. he invited me to have halo-halo with him a few days ago at this 24 eatery near my place but i was busy finishing something so i took a rain check. anyway, though i dont feel that treating me is obligatory, i just rationalized it in my head as his share for gas money since it was already freaking 60 buck to a liter!!!! after lunch, we decided to watch a movie to kill the time. movie we decided to see... WANTED.

i will not spoil it for u guys who havent seen it yet so i'll try to talk about it within lines as what's revealed in the trailer. so there's this group of assassins headed by morgan freeman. they hunt this guy played by james mcavoy since he possessed a "gift" of curving bullets. well, that's pretty much whats revealed in the trailer so being true to my word... i'll end it there. and o yes, angelina jolie is also in the movie....

now for my honest and unbiased review... i found WANTED a waste. it was good in the beginning as the movie kinda made assassins really look cool with their almost super human abilities. however, all the glitz for me kinda ended there. they just focused too much on how COOL the assassins were that the story (which to me had SO much more potential) took a back seat. they tried to go back to it every so often by it never really sunk in anymore for me. it got so bad that when they came to the climax, the pinnacle of the plot, i was not affected by it at all. sad.

the movie had great talented actors with morgan freeman and james mcavoy heading the roster. these are SUPER actors who can really drive in a story!!! but it seemed that their talents weren't so much utilized. angelina jolie on the other hand played her role well... she had her lips do all the acting.

since this is a movie about killers and killing, there is also an element of goriness to the film. it's not KILL BILL gory, but bloody nonetheless. as i was already quite disinterested midway into the film, i wasnt that much affected by all the violence. my friend on the other hand had a weaker constitution... he was half way down slouched on his seat hiding his view from the screen when i last checked on him. a few moments later, he suddenly grabbed my knee tightly! wanted to tease him "dude! wer from TONDO! we have violence for breakfast!!!". but i decided to be nice.

needless for me to say, WANTED was quite a let down. it had so much going for it with the talent to boot but were all never maximized. the story buckled in the end, the effects were only cool at the start and well, angelina jolie's lips can only get you interested for so long (and no, it was not because i am not interested in her THAT way. sheesh!)

my friend and i left the theater feeling drained and exhausted. we both found the movie a wrong choice and should have settled watching the hulk instead. anyhu.... i really didnt want my day to end at a low note so i decided to hit the gym right after. call me stupid, call me hopelessly addicted.... i needed my endorphine rush so SUE me! dropped off my bud at tutuban and rushed to punish myself for having cream puffs for dessert (i did, after lunch. another treat by my bud). my bud i learned later treated himself to goldilocks and some pirated DVDs. we all have our own vices :)

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