Sunday, June 1, 2008

shortness of breath

i am a fish thrown into water but told not to swim
in these murky depths i sit, i wait, i wonder,
what is therein for me to see, hear, taste, feel, perceive
they swoosh, they swim, they zoom past by me
but i lay there waiting, waiting, waiting.

i begin to slowly drift, lifeless yet conscious
i am thrown to the side then carried away in an undercurrent
rolling, rolling, in the disorienting wave
until i am released into a pool of still waters again
left to wait, to listen, to learn, to know

i hear nothing except the sound of my palpitations
i see nothing except the vibrations of the sea
i am left in a void and yet i am surrounded by the void
an ominous being that overwhelms me
i scream yet i have no voice to cry

i panic yet i cannot move
i try to close my eyes yet they remained open
i try to shudder in fear buy my body lied in its stillness
as the current started again and i gently rocked
side to side, over, under, left, right

i am a fish thrown into water but told not to swim
i watch as people walk pass me on feet, in shoes
they run, they play, they frolic
on legs, strong, muscular and long
they scream, they shout, they laugh, they cry
as i watch them from my still upside down world.

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