Thursday, June 26, 2008

my kingdom for a horse

i have always been fascinated with horses. i guess it stems from the fact that i have always found it to be such a lovely and beautiful creature, strong and yet delicate at the same time. i remember still back when i was younger, when given the choice of which form of public transportation to take home, without batting an eyelash (yes, i think i was THAT na that long ago), i would say KALESA!! i loved being higher up than everyone else, being drawn by such a regal creature. highlight of these memories would have been the time where i was made to sit on the drivers chair up front, in full 180 degree view of the world before me, in close proximity to the beast that had me enchanted.

ever since i could pick up a pencil to draw, the horse was one of my greatest models. unfortunately, my skills at it were never up to my ridiculous standards. i found myself defeated time after time inspiration would hit me and i made my futile attempt in capturing this beast in its glory. that was, until i made the attempt again a few days ago. drawing it made me realize why i loved it so much.

i love the lines, how in life, the horse with its chiseled musculature bear natural, sensual lines. they become more apparent when she shivers and poses, her velvety skin hugging every curve. her pride is seductive, how its almost narcissistic. she has confidence in her stance, a controlled command of her body. a form studied, from the arch of her neck to the slope of her legs, always ready to move, always prepared. i love how her mane and tail flow in the wind, how she shakes them, seemingly to unfurl it of tangles.

i have not seen one in full gallop in person before other than viewing it on TV. its shows how her body in motion is as beautiful as her body in stasis, her movements elegant to the last detail. no wonder the horse has been the subject of such many tales and have been used since man came to be.


where is my fairly godmother when you need her. i have mice for her to change!!!!

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