Sunday, June 22, 2008

of typhoons and other storms

was driving to makati yesterday when out of nowhere, the skies suddenly opened and i found myself lost in a water bath! i tried not to panic but the sudden change of weather was just eerie. i continued on driving to the fort, at which case the rain suddenly let up. it was still dark and grey so i really didnt have my hopes up.

driving home i experienced the same thing. the moment i got off the fly over to buendia, i was again lost in the storm. it was rather embarrassing since, believe it or not, i was totally oblivious that we had a typhoon, more so, that metro manila was under signal no. 3 :) that's what u get when you decide not to read the papers and watch the news.

this morning, my got up at around 4am to open the gates for my brother (late night gimmick) and found the winds tearing through our (shanty) neighborhood. i found my mom awake as well since she could hear the tin roofs of our neighbors creaking in the wind, something that made her really anxious. i was in dubai when milenyo hit and our house incurred some damage. mom was just probably reliving those scary times. i on the other hand couldn't be bothered. i was actually happy since the storm brought with it cooler weather. i opened the door to my room and let the ionized moist air in, much to my sick delight. unfortunately, my insomnia kicked in already and i could not manage to get myself back to sleep. a few minutes of tossing and turning later, i roused from my bed and discovered that the ceiling in my room was leaking, part of the damage incurred from milenyo. great, i thought. got out the rags and the mop and started cleaning the mess. i now have a bucket as a side table and the feng shui of flowing water to keep me company, hopefully not too long.

i went online to check for the status of the storm and found a rather interesting article. ely soriano, religious head of "ang dating daan" and primary nemesis of the INC was arrested and posted bail on the charges of rape. get this, for allegedly SODOMIZING a male follower last 2000!!!! i feel sorry for the guy he reared, really. not only for the sense of betrayal he must have felt but to be reared by ELY!!!!?? like getting f**ked by a horse!!! poor thing. no offense to the congregation of dating daan, but i guess, there's no point in saying this. i'm also guessing the manalos are having a field day with this report!

not so little boy. i hope you're ok.

sometimes people leave you.... half way through the wood.
others may deceive you, you decided what's good.
you decide alone, but no one is alone....

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