Monday, June 9, 2008

in recovery

my brother was kind enough to take me out on a "feel good" sunday yesterday. not really anything new with our weekend routine but i guess, after how saturday went, this sunday habit of ours was especially significant.

the sunday drive to whichever destination we are to go is usually the setting for conversations between my brother an i. these leisurely drives often get us talking about many a topic of mutual interests and sometimes, personal issues as well. lately, more about mine. i told him basically how my weekend went and wanted his objective insight into the situation. i have to admit, i am not really a good manager as far as life issues are concerned and despite how i also need to learn how to be more emotionally independent, i still believe that there is no shame in asking for more wisdom.

what his take on the situation made me feel a bit better as it just confirmed what i was thinking all along. it did not make the ill feeling i had in the pits of my stomach go away but it at least put my mind at ease, even for a little bit. owing to the fact that i have a really slow reaction time, i am expecting more of this "sick" would surface on the days to come. it however at least is comforting that i just have to deal with one organ instead of a tag team of my heart and my brain.

we went to watch KUNG FU PANDA which i really enjoyed. i have to be honest that i am not really much of a fan of jack black but this one definitely made me reconsider. it helped that much of the comedy was brought about by the animation, but still, the voices did a lot in solidifying the comic impact. i enjoyed it so much that it didn't really bother me that the theater was a bit noisy from ppl "watching too loudly", something that would often drive me up the wall. i guess if you like something, u cant help but just express what u feel and be in the moment. the very same reason as well that i suddenly felt like crying in one part of the movie.... wont say which.

after the movie, we went to have dinner at felix in greenbelt 5. despite being ben chan's first venture into the restaurant business, i have to say he is doing really well. the ambiance, the service and the food were all very good. i had pureed malunggay with tofu soup, baked oysters for starters, a garden salad with grilled apples and foie gras (the BEST) and grilled sea bass with vegetables and brown rice. my brother had the same but for his entree, he had lechon kawali instead. the food was excellent if i may say so myself. i really enjoyed the entire experience of consuming the meal, every mouth watering morsel was definitely a gustatory delight.

my folks were probably showing me a way to escape my weekend, have it end on a high note rather than leaving it at such a dismal state (where i left it). i love them for it. despite their apprehensions for me before, it is good to know that in the very end, they will still be there for me whatever may happen. praises for my mom especially. she may not understand a lot but that doesn't seem to bother her. her heart connects with yours and just through her simple, pure gestures, she was able to make everything feel better.

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