Friday, June 13, 2008

the joy of laughing

i was talking with a friend last night till the wee hours of the morning and have almost forgotten why it was that i liked talking with him before... the guy makes me laugh. we were comparing profiles and also reading other people's online and just found ourselves dissing at each other's corniness.

i have almost forgotten how it is to truly laugh. how really chuckling and just giggling can lift even the heaviest of hearts. funny how this realization came about since i'm pretty sure, people would have though that of all things, THIS i should know. but it's the case of the sad clown seeing a shrink, even a clown needs a clown.

a change of atmosphere, a change of environs is what i need. enough of this weight and all this burden on how life will eventually come crashing down and swallow me in a pile of unrealized debris. hang ups are common and rejection will happen, but as my friend told me, life goes on. i still feel quite heavy but it's part in parcel of healing i guess. with all of this, i know knowledge and wisdom will spring forth and that could only be a good thing.

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