Thursday, June 19, 2008

where men go to bond

ever since coming back from dubai, i have been diligently going to the gym. it was something that i looked forward to in my day, most especially on bad ones since nothing helps getting all the stress out than pumping iron and getting a boost of endorphins. i actually have been going to gym ever since, even before dubai, just that i haven't been pushing as hard as i do now. it also helps that i'm more sociable now and actually talk to people while before, i didn't.

since then, i have made quite a few friends and now have mainstay gym buddies, two of them for that matter whom i shall affectionately name B1 and B2 :) B1 would be your 6'2 ex varsity player. works for a bank and is in recovery from a sports injury he got almost a year ago. he's been a member of the gym far longer than me and is quite chatty. funny guy actually. tall and lean, he has the waist line almost the circumference of my thigh! currently obsessed in getting a six pack and totally ignoring his already well developed assets like his chest and back, something that makes him look absolutely divine when he comes in in office attire. B2 would be the adonis of the club, i think. a creature who's sole purpose is to make people like me feel bad about how we look and thereby spend MORE money trying our damnest best to look like him, even if just by a fraction. perfect tan, rock hard abs to die for, chiseled chest and back, sculpted arms, huge deltoids and well, abs to die for. of course he also barely eats anything, works out religiously everyday for hours on end, hits his ab routine like his life depended on it and constantly checks himself in the mirror every minute of two, just to be sure if things are in order. a "bit" vain if u can call it that, but he's cool. he handles our insults and our banter quite well and is very cool about it. he's also more than helpful in sharing his secrets in achieving his state of perfection.

these two keep me company during my work outs. if you don't see us spotting each other during reps, you'll see us talking about almost anything from politics, to sports, to fashion, to their respective girlfriends to food. we compare workout routines as well and as all guys do, try to out-do each other in doing sets and reps. B2 would always win (damn). i enjoy greatly this sense of camaraderie we share as i now have a new social group i belong to, besides the ones i already keep. since these two have been long members as well, i too have been "adopted" by the more senior members as well. it's a small gym and the environs are quite intimate. i think i like this better as compared to the larger gym chains wherein u are lost in a sea of strangers. at my gym at least, u see the same ppl day after day. gym almost feels like home sometimes :)

yesterday, i found myself laughing my head off with a joke directed to B1 while we were both on the floor trying to do B2's ab work out. being a formidable group at the gym, we are often the subject of attention when all three of us are working out together and last night, B1 got the brunt of it. the latest craze right now is the upcoming bench underwear show go-see and both B1 and B2 are considering joining. B2 obviously could pass with is "300" physique, however, B1 needs to bulk up a bit more... well, that is according to him. no one is a far worse critic than ur own self i'm afraid, and after B1's many complains of how he needs more work here and more work there, he practically opened himself to the merciless attacks of everyone within ear shot. needless to say, he was butcherd with critiques from everyone who had an opinion, from this 50 year old guy who had the body of a 20 year old, to old time veterans, to the gym instructors. whatever B1 was trying to boost, i'm sure he left with it deflated and broken. :)

i never laughed so hard in my life, most especially at the gym, in mid workout. the comedic moment was just priceless and i really needed that laugh. i almost can't wait to go back tonight and see what today has in store.

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