Saturday, June 21, 2008

where men go to bond, 2

i had a great day yesterday, simply super!

i often dont get to enjoy my fridays since this is the time my car is "banned" from the streets. FYI to all you non-filipinos out here, manila implemented a stupid scheme to reduce congestion on the streets during weekdays by allowing only certain vehicles on the road on certain days, depending on the last digit of their plates. mine was a 9 so fridays are my forbidden days.

anyways, the authorities however gave a small window, 10am to 3pm wherein the ban is lifted everyday. i was supposed to have a meeting with richie, my architect since we FINALLY got our building permit (yey!) so we scheduled it around this time so i could drive. i got over to his place and what was supposed to turn out as a meeting just ended up as a gimmick day! :) i guess both of us were just in such good spirits that we just forgot that we were supposed to have work and just ended up hanging out.

our day started with a lunch date with melloida, princess from the west :) she's stuck at work and we were inviting her out since she just lives in the area. we had to be picky with the place to eat since richie was abstaining from meat in preparation for his colema (coffee enema... good LORD). our resto of choice.. ling nam along banawe. comfort food.... i had a big bowl of noodles and introduced lotus siopao to our converting vegetarian :) greeted ikki vikki a happy birthday over the phone as well. vikki still stuck in the desert but at least has company in the form of a long time friend who went to dubai on business.

after lunch, rich and i decided to go to makati to check out the site, just to make sure things were going on smoothly. i know i said we ended up not working but even if we went to site, it really didnt feel like we were. he also took me to another project site he was working on and showed me a credenza he built, his first attempt in making free standing furniture. for his first attempt, i have to say, i am greatly impressed! :) finishing his rounds, we then went off to his gym.

it was my first time at fitness in ABS and it felt a little daunting at first. had a shot of low self esteem, hehehe, what if i worked out beside a model? :) good thing by the time i got to the register (i was richie's guest), all such feelings have went away. it also helped that they CHARGED me 550 bucks to use the premises since i could no longer get in free. nothing drives my confidence up than stirring my cheapness!!! hahahaha, fine! i'll pay! after paying, they asked if i wanted to join. "what for?" i replied. i told them i already got to a gym and mine was more convenient. true, i was a bit bitchy but then, fitness first is really just high-way robbery!

i remember why it was i didn't like going to new gyms, it was because i usually waste so much time in getting used to the place, more so the equipment. my gym is small and you can traverse the entire floor in 3 mins! fitness on the other had was 5 times as large, with equipment so complicated looking, u'd wonder if u were really supposed to work out muscles or ur brain. trust me, when ur short of breath and ur body is aching, managing complicated machines can be deadly!

anyway, needless to say my workout wasn't as strenuous as how i'd want it. frustrating but alright. against my natural inclination as well, i tried not to let my eyes wander too much. this being abs, and fitness first for that matter, it cannot be helped that u get models and celebrities working out here as well. no celebs today, but models a plenty, a lot of them, not working out at all, which i found rather strange. a lot of them just kept walking around. one particular guy i noticed looked as if he was practicing some runway thing. he was good looking, a bit shorter than me and wearing a tight sleeveless shirt. he kept popping in and out of the weight room but not hitting any of the weights. i was looking at him from the mirror and just kept cruising... the moment i noticed him, i started noticing a bunch of other ppl as well who exhibited the same behavior. i then remembered something rich said before that he found it irritating since there were many who went to gym just to lounge. the lounge was true enough full. i then found myself grimacing since i knew that you can never "lounge" at my gym. the moment you show a decrease in momentum, for SURE ul start hearing screams from the old-timers working out not to "baby" yourself. :) its called "working out" for a reason they say.

in fairness to the ppl there, there were a few who were serious with their workouts, a raphael rossel look-alike was so addicted to working out his shoulders that i knew he was gonna have some form of injury in the future. those who go to the spinning classes also looked like serious gym bunnies.

we met rich's wife karts after gym and decided to have dinner at tomas morato and capped the night off with dessert at this bibingka place. i had so much fun yesterday that i really wished the day could be longer, unfortunately, richie's protein-less diet has him pooped and it was getting late as well. i had such a great time with them that i just couldn't think why i dont do this often enough :) (cheapness alert, as long as i dont have to pay 550 for the stupid gym, i'l do this everyday! hahahaha)

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