Wednesday, April 22, 2009

where i have been since saturday!

won't do a full blown expose yet about my latest trip to the not-too-far south. considering my tendencies to bombard ppl with information, pertinent or otherwise, a trip of four days would probably bear a posts so long, even i would eventually give up writing it! so i will practice something i rarely exercise when blogging, restraint, and do what another ultimate blogger should consider every now and then.... edit.... my thoughts that is.

for now however, allow me to leave you with teaser pics of my escapade. sadly, like my trip to glorious cebu, these pics are not of my own but grabbed from the web. i am still camera-less unfortunately. fortunately however, my recent troupe was composed of trigger-happy cammy whores, i being a willing subject of their shots as well as a future recipient of their CD-burning, FACEBOOK-posting generosity.


i'm a narnian said...

omg. butanding. LOL.

Theo Martin said...

why dont u use your bro's camera?! :)

Andy Briones said...

And I thought I'm the last camera-less person on this side of our beloved nation; nice to know I'm not alone, ehehe.

jamie da vinci! said...

@narnian. surprisingly, when i had my close encounter with the spotted kind, you were the LAST thing i thought of. no offense! :) i guess it's hard not to be serious when you come face to face with such a majestic behemoth.

@theo. i love my life too much to even ask him for his prized articles. his cams are worth more than my life and three more of my past lives!! hehehe, pati buhay, kuripot rin ako. ahahaha!

@andy. no one is alone!!! :)

:: cb :: said...

nice fishy!