Thursday, April 30, 2009

a clear morning

he walked towards the direction of the grey horizons, towards the silvery sun as it slowly rose from its slumber, its color slowly burning into gold. i watched him from afar, this beautiful apparition, a hazy phantom, with the curiosity of a child. i exhaled as distance increased between us, my heart gave off a tender sigh as i tended a wound i had long thought had healed already.

he paused from his gentle move, as if hearing someone call out his name. he then turned and looked back at me, the sun forming him a spectacular halo, its bright glow beaming though his ghostly translucence. bathe in its blinding glare however, i could see his face and the look he threw at me. one need not have eyes to see for this was an expression i knew well, i felt well.

the sun ascended to finally take his place in his lofty throne. the azure skies now ablaze, his heavenly court crying aloud in great exaltation. my familiar phantom took not his kind stare from me. he lingered longer than he should, making fully sure that i will be fine. and as my expression finally began to mirror his, he broke his stance and continued to walk away towards the horizon. no words were ever shared between us, but words were never necessary.

the day was cool, the day was bright. i stood there and looked away towards the direction where he departed and smiled. in a very, very long time, i finally found myself take in a deep, sweet breath.

"o, zhu-ah, zhu-ah, gan shie ni."


wanderingcommuter said...

a deep sigh and a tap on your shoulder.

if this is a movie, i could have been crying all throughout it.

:: cb :: said...

"o, zhu-ah, zhu-ah, gan shie ni." i suddenly remembered how i felt when i saw vicky cristina barcelona. i couldn't understand penelope when she spoke spanish but i felt it nonetheless. i seem to have misplaced my chinese. what does this mean?

jamie da vinci! said...

"my lord, my lord. i thank thee."

:: cb :: said...

ooh makes sense. :D it's even nicer now that i understand.

Reena said...

ah buti you translated the chinese. :)

so is this about God? but what does your label have to do with it?

i tried your shrink. it hasn't worked yet. :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@reena. this was the aftermath of my conversation with my conscience, dexter :) they say one's conscience is always connected to it's higher source. i just felt that it was high time that i depict an almost emo moment in a brighter note. for a change naman.

my shrink didn't work? maybe you need more appointments :) hehehehe.

Reena said...

haha..akala ko people only name their cars, cameras and other gadgets...pati pala conscience may name na!

gentle said...

jamie, tama si ewik.. the scene could be very well straight out from a movie. i love how you painted everything. such sadness and happiness mingling oh-so-sweetly.