Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my day

long day again. started today early with gym as i now work out on alternating days since i run on my off days. i tried to do them together last week, gym in the morning then run at night but found it too taxing. i knew in the back of my head that i was pushing myself to the brink of dropping dead but i just wanted to see how much my body can take. answer, not that much. i forgot to add to my endurance equation that a large portion of my strength in the day gets drained from doing all the MATH!!!!

anyway... this morning while at work, i was pulled out of auditing duty and was instead made encoder for the day. a new month and a new price list was in order. since computer databases don't really update themselves, someone had to do the dirty work and input all the new data manually. i being the new kid on the work block, all neon signs saying "fresh slave" pointed to me. i was handed the hard copy and was asked to painstakingly transfer all the data into the system. so for about 6 hours while sitting ona back breaking chair, all i did was input serial number after serial number of spare parts and their new prices. it wasn't that many... just a few hundred or so.... enough to regret wearing contacts today and for not taking that extra dose of caffeine via IV. needless to say, by the time i had entered the last item, my eyes were bloodshot and my neck was as stiff a sequoia! i got up from my chair and went straight out of the office to stretch.... noticing the cute security guard and how it seems he likes to stare at me :) but that could also be just my fatigue playing tricks with me.

7pm came by fast. another 10 hours had passed. i had scheduled a meeting with my contractor at site (i still keep my other job) and whisked myself away to eastwood in record time, despite encountering pockets of congestion and stupid drivers along the way. thank goodness for katipunan and how the speed of light is the limit as to how fast one can go when passing there. i got to eastwood a few minutes before 830, just a few minutes ahead of my contractor. it has been a long while since we last saw each other and i have to say, it was a good thing. i had almost forgotten how cute he looked... mestizo and very haciendero material!! by far the best looking contractor i have met! it tickled me to see from the corner of my eye a group of korean girls eyeing him as well... hehehehe. anyways, business was in order. we surveyed the site and discussed the things that had to be done. despite the many flukes and the rather embarrassing oversights caused my inexperience, he had always been encouraging. though he could have rightfully reprimanded me for my poor design judgements, he never turned negative on me, even if my mistakes caused him great inconvenience. this made me respect him very much and made me wish i could work with him again in the future, or at least give him more projects.

our meeting ended too soon and we parted ways. i decided to go home instead of staying longer to have dinner. i was too tired to think and too broke to spend so home was the only option. as i found myself zipping back to my side of the metro in warp speed, i decided that despite how tiring the day was, i would like to end it good. i wanted to make a conscious decision to be happy and not worry and just be content with what i have in the present. i knew it was easier to feel dejected and fatigued and cranky, but why settle for that when i can be happy? so i decided to be happy. i decided to stay ok. i decide to end with on high note.... so high, my poor shi-tzu i think developed a nervous tic as i stepped through the door! hehehehehe....


Eternal Wanderer... said...

Yes, Jaime.

It is ALWAYS good to CHOOSE to be happy.


Theo Martin said...


haciendero material. I'll use that term na from now on. :)

Ang saya naman! Glad that you're choosing to be happy! kapagod magdrive from binondo to katipunan and back ha! :)

Mugen said...

Thanks for the very refreshing entry Jaime! Hehe. I think I will follow your lead.

john stanley said...

mukhang heartthrob ng mga chinky-eyes ang contractor na ito a... hmmm!

happiness is a state of mind, jamie.