Friday, April 24, 2009

urban sirens

tiesto was blaring in the background. with each hypnotic beat, it seduces your body to succumb, to allow his tunes to possess you, control you like a puppet, to move you and make you forget. i soon found myself drowning in the sound, my senses overwhelmed by the sheer density of the song, reverberating, bouncing off hollow walls, echoing through empty chambers, vibrating every loose and willing object, slowly, steadily, forcefully towards the impending auditory climax.

even the intangible darkness could not overcome, relinquishing its deathly hold to slivers of silver light. they tore into the deep blanket of night, unapologetic, but stroked my face with utter tenderness, like gloves of exquisite velvet, woven in moonlight, worn by the fingers of the most delicate of mistresses. they caressed me unto my underlying nakedness, strumming even every fiber of my sentient being. it was rapturous beyond comprehension, to be present and yet lost at the same time. i was a helpless slave to an unknown master. my sense of self and control had been totally annihilated and i felt my consciousness wane, slowly slipping away.

there was a futile clamor that momentarily arose in me, a last ditch effort to put up a fight against this unknown oppressor but the war was lost and the victor was already claiming his prize. soon, as quickly as it came, the murmurings feel silent and i in turn feel as well, deep into the clutches of the one who had conquered me.

strangely upon victory however, tiesto began to fade. his trance inducing song slowly became more and more muffled till i could hear him no longer. time also began to stagger and eventually, began to slow down. the sensual efflurage of light was the only one that remained constant, its strokes however now became more dull for it seems, the dream that had ushered me into this unworldly state is now loosing rapidly its magical luster. it is also probably this slight break in the enchantment that whatever power that was still left within me decided to regain some form of control. in an instant, i opened my eyes to see what truly lied in front of me, and it was... the fast approaching sight of the concrete island as my car steadily sped towards it. i had fallen asleep while on the wheel. i woke up in the nick of time before something serious had happened.


joelmcvie said...

Good lord! The first, and so far only time that happened to me, I was in fourth year college. I had a passenger with me who was already asleep. Thank god she never knew how close we came to an accident that night.

Andy Briones said...

I live in Fairview and pass by Commonwealth Avenue — the highway of death. Accidents are a common sight there, with some motorists crashing head on to the abominable MMDA concrete thingies placed in the middle of the road.

Nice to hear nothing bad happened to you. :-)

Theo Martin said...

buti na lang ginising ka ng guardian angel mo polar bear.

wanderingcommuter said...

if you feel that you are sleepy, park, halt and sleep. nothing is safer than doing this when you are driving!

sabi nga ni john lloyd,