Wednesday, April 8, 2009


to vikki.

thank you for calling, for wanting to just hear my voice. hearing yours almost made me cry. i miss you dearly. bestfriends are so hard to find nowadays, especially those are crazy as you. love you, dear. hope all things are fine. hugs to the oz.

to mei.

the month of may seems to take forever to come. i cannot wait to see you again. you and karen's homecoming will be the highlight of my year. we have a lot of catching up to do... and food to try!

to narnian.

fear and uncertainty is normal, and as long as you're in the normal... then there really shouldn't be anything to fear. slow and steady, friend. no worries.

to mcvie.

the may-december podcast was just too hilarious. o how i wished i could have seen you guys in action, in person! enjoy the holidays and the bisita-beach you and the fabcasters will be having!

to johnstan.

i have yet to ride in your zoom-zoom. also, kasuy on our next meeting, ok? :) a kilo would be enough. harharhar!

to poi, ewik & dabo.

i miss your fun company, if only makati wasn't so far. seeing you guys in action is like getting a waft of fresh air after being cooped up for so long.

to mister hubs and his eugie-wudgie.

enjoy your vacation guys! you deserve it :)

to the moon.

you will be a hard one to replace. nasabi ko na ang lahat. di na ako maghahanap ng iba. i hope you live a good and well life. no point in holding on. no point in missing. sayang kung sayang pero ganyan talaga ang inihanda ng tadhana. di na ako nalulungkot, sana ikaw rin. matututo ka ring mabuhay na mapayapa sa piling ng iyong nobya. ako din sana, mayroong tahimik na hinaharap.


Theo Martin said...

last message na ito polar bear? maghihibernate ka na ba? ahehehe!

wanderingcommuter said...

alam mo namang para sa iyo pwede kami mag adjust. hehehe!

gusto mo ba SM san lazaro tayo next time?! hehehe!