Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sagged by tohn jan!

i am answering these questions in half lucidness. it was a very long and hectic day, followed by a rather unusual date with a rather unusual person in what would probably be the worst planned mall in the country... gateway. needless to say, adding to my already tiring day, the long drive home from cubao and the terrible traffic along dimasalang due to 18-wheeler trucks trying to fit themselves into that very narrow road had pushed me to use up my very last few drops of strength. buti nalang may-cute na driver na tumabi sa tsekot ko habang ako'y naipit sa trapik. napansin ko rin na tingin sya ng tingin sa akun... di pa siguro nakakakit ang chekwa na mas-singkit pa sa chekwa dahil sa sobrang pagod at antok... eniway... ayan... nagtatagalog na ako.... siguradong pagod na pagod na ako nyan.

10. who is your least favorite blogger and why?

hay naku, kailangan pa bang sagutin ito? kilala mo na kung sino ka! wala akong pakialam kung nanalo ka man ng kahit anong award dyan, kung ilang libro na ang nasulat mo o ilang master's degree pa ang tapusin mo... iniway mo ako dahil KSP ka at inakala mo na puwede mo akong husgahan ng ganun na lang... pwes!! di na kita gusto maging friend!!!!

9. if there's just one blog that you'll read, what is it?

hmmmm, mahirap ata ito. madami akong gusto basahin. pero kung pipiliting pumili lang ng isa, siguro si misterhubs. ibang klase talaga kasi wit nya. medyo madalang lang nga sya mag-update, pero at least, pag nagpost e siguradong sasakit ang ulo mo at mga tadyang sa kakatawa! ibang klase talaga!!! :)

8. who do you think tells fabricated stories?

so far, wala pa akong nahahalata. meron mga iba na too good to be true, pero plausible naman. i guess sa mga binabasa ko, i feel the authors never saw the reason to make up false accounts of their lives. kung meron man at di ko nahalata... well, ang galing nyo magsulat then.

7. if there's one blogger whom you haven't met and would like to meet, who would it be and why?

by far, the only person who came to mind is "the tripper". simply because he was the starting point for me to find all of these very interesting ppl who shared their very interesting stories with me. it would be nice to shake his hand one of these days... the same gesture i always offer to the people i respect when i meet them... exept si john stan... not because i don't respect you.. it was because i promised you a hug when we would eventually meet.. O DI BA? i kept my promise :)

6. if there was one thing that you'd like to write about but cannot (due to real or perceived complications) what would it be?

i have always believed in keeping the things that are private, private. kuya told me before... though blogging is a vent, it however is not therapy. do not air your laundry out in public. so i don't then, not anymore. it however doesn't mean that i don't write about it still....

5. have you had sex with a blogger?


4. have you had sex with a reader?


3. who is the most narcissistic/self-absorbed blogger that you know?

a ultimate question such as this only deserves a ULTIMATE answer.... however, since blogs are totem poles to one's vanity anyways... no one should be faulted for being lords of their domain.

2. who do you want to have sex with?

write a really great post and i climax at every punctuation!!!

1. based on how you know this blogger through his (or her) blog, who would you like to be in a serious relationship with?


i deleted my online accounts since i thought they were too superficial of a medium for me to know, more so, fall for someone. though i have found myself feel attracted to certain people, i could not make myself explore the feelings simply because i would want to know more about ppl than just how they look or how they are in bed. truly, i thought blogs were the answer to my problem since they addressed aspects no smutty networking sites ever could like: sense of humor; intelligence; sensitivity; wit; compassion.... however, though not as superficial, blogs still cannot replace person to person contact. ppl's writings only show you the parts they want to show. you cannot gather anymore from what they are willing to offer. so, though the picture that you may see may look perfect, you neglect to consider that what you see is but a small part of a greater whole, a whole that may not be perfect... worse so, a whole that is greatly flawed.

so i learn to take things with a grain of salt and begin to not put too much hope in people and their skills in written expression. in the many times i have met bloggers, i have found that some, though not as good with words, can blow you away still even in their silence. i too have also met those who write very well and so full of expression and yet is are dull as a dead toenail on shrek's pinky toe.

person to person contact. you just have to have more of it.


Anonymous said...

:) this is a fun meme.

you went to GAYway! omaygah! last time you were in binoma. LOL.

Mister Hubs said...

Aw shucks. I heart you, jamie. Hehe.

john stanley said...

yes guys, jamie kept his promise, hehehe!

nagulat ako sa #1. talagang sineryoso?

Trip said...

hahaha. alam mo, naitanim ko na sa isip ko iyung sinabi mo kay dabo. naalala mo iyun? so, let us keep it that way. bwahahaha

Mr. Scheez said...

Pang Miss Universe answer yung last paragraphs. Bravo! Reyna ka talaga. Hehehe =)

-- Mr. Scheez

jamie da vinci! said...

@narnian. yes i did... and i will never return to that horrible place ever again!

@MH. when i told you i was a fan, i was not pulling your leg... maybe si eug pa, but not me (eyelids a-flutter)

@john. i hold on to grudges ba!!!?? hahahaha

@trip. i honestly cannot recall anymore what i told dabo. i'm afraid i don't recall a lot of things lately as well :) if in any case, my wish will still remain. if time will come that our paths will cross, planned or not, then know fully well what i will do. for all its worth sir, maraming salamat po. salamat rin sa pagpakilala mo sa akin sa pagtakbo.

mr. scheez. as migs would often say: "world peace".... ahahahaha!