Sunday, March 8, 2009


she won... thank goodness she won. i was gobsmacked on my seat, in disbelief of what i had just witnessed.

"holy.... CRAP! what the hell was that?" was all i could think about as ralph fiennes' voice faded into the background, just before they started rolling the credits for "the reader". it was a spur of the moment choice, this movie, since my friend and i originally wanted to watch "watchmen". however, this being the first weekend it was out, plus that we got to the cinema late, it was no surprise that all the good seats at the good times were already taken. left with either watching john lloyd and sarah get mushy or this oscar award-nominated piece, the decision obviously wasn't that hard to make. (for me that is. my friend on the other hand looked like he still needed some convincing. "iiwan kita!!" my words eventually did the trick. hehehehe)

i had tried reading the book countless times but never seemed to manage getting through the first few pages. the narration bored me. but after seeing the movie now, i will try to give it another shot.

the movie, minus the really distracting and POOR editing, butchered probably to comply with archaic MTRCB regulations, was needless to say, beautiful. heartwrenchingly beautiful. so much, that i had to distract myself with nonsensical, technical dialogue on how kate winslett deserved her award just to keep myself objective enough from wailing like a 4-year old, pig tailed girl!!! the story, the characters, the actors who portrayed them, the score, the cinematography... i was captivated from beginning to end. it almost felt like i was in astral flight, going forward and backward in time in post-war germany, perusing into the lives of michael and his hannah.

i'm getting goosebumps just thinking about the movie again while writing this post.

there was a moral to this story, i am sure. i tried to process it in my head yet i could not grasp the wisdom in it just yet. i tried wording it out to my friend but i don't think it came out right, a result of physical fatugue and emotinal overload i guess. i recall saying hannah was "very practical", refering to how she contributed to the killing of hundreds during the holocust. "PRACTICAL!!!" i screamed in my head... how soooo... CHINESE!!!! ahahahahaha! my comment obviously did not suit my friend as i felt he gave me a strange look after hearing it and found myself now sharing a very awkward moment.

word vomit aside, there is still much to digest from this spectacular film. so much so that i will go and watch it again.... kuya got sold with my reaction, "ay ang ganda! OH. MY. GOD. kuya..... wala akong masabi.... si kate winslett, WINNER, as IN!!!"

hehehehehe.... i could not help but be convincing.

* * * * *

fast forward to the next day... sunday.

i had a deja vu of a day, well, deja vu in reverse since i had dinner after the movie and not before, like i did on saturday... ANYWAY. so there i was, giddy with kuya since i was watching a movie again, a day after i saw it. i don't know why, the idea just tickled me, like it was the ultimate form of spoiling, to do exactly what you did the day before.

tickets bought, kuya and i say on the seats just on the opposite end of the seats me and my friend sat the previous day. another detailed that amused me. opening credits started, ralph fiennes entered.... that was as far as the magic of the movie went for me. there were near-emo moments here and there but i just never got myself to that point SINCE there was this group of IDIOTS sitting beside kuya.... a fugly guy, his equally fugly girl, and her possy of bitches.... everytime the story would pick up, they would go on a giggling frenzy. i swear... i ITCHED to create a scene and just tell them off.

why do some people have no sense of courtesy and consideration? WHY? i gave some of the girls the evil look and i knew that they saw me eye them. nothing... i doubt my implied irritation didn't even mark a dimple of their calloused hides! i am quick to temper really, quicker now since i have noticed how stupider people seem to have become, but sitting beside kuya, exercising the patience of a saint made me reconsider unleashing the wrath of god onto these individuals. kuya just sat there and enjoyed the movie. he laughed at the sweet moments, and remained silent as the mood became serious. i tried to emulate his calm... tried. but my peace had already been disrupted and i soon found it more entertaining devising unspeakable ways of eradicating pests like these kids off the face of the earth!

giggle, giggle, mumble, mumble.... they just wouldn't stop. i heard someone shush them but it only hindered them for like, 2 seconds. as the movie ended and the credits rolled, kuya got up and started walking down the aisle even before the theater lights went on. i followed suit. in chinese he remarked to me how sad the movie was.... and how irritating those kids were. he hoped that they were UGLY! hmmm, not necessarily the wrath of god, but the comment, plus the smile it gave me was enough for me to forget bazooka-ing their eff'n faces. but now that i think of it, i should have done it still. would have done a lot of people a lot of good i think.


Anonymous said...

this was the movie i watched alone. hahaha.

my 12 units in philosophy and countless units in psychology didn't prepare me for this movie.

The best thing about this movie, I guess is the fact that it made me ask myself. If you were in Ralph Fiennes' shoes, what would you do?

jamie da vinci! said...

if i were in ralph fienne's shoes... i'd run away in them! :) i'd love to be ralph fiennes!!! he's soooooo DREAMY!!! :) ahahahaha! this wud be his second holocaust movie i think. he was in schindler's list too, but in that movie, he was in hannah schmindt's role :)

Mr. Scheez said...

Stephen Daldry, the director, is very good in translating into film books that are believed to be very hard to put into a movie. This is one of his masterpieces. The Hours, about Virginia Woolf, is the first one.

word verif: gentyl - bisitahin mo daw blog ni gentle. LOL! =)