Monday, March 23, 2009

counted in

it has been a week now since i started my new job as my family's auditor. my aunt who is currently handling this post is readying herself and her family for migration to the land of homo-milk (homogenous milk... or as how kuya so wittily termed it, milk from a really confused cow!) and maple syrup and has been training me the past couple of days to become her replacement. though i can honestly say that i would have never in a million years think that i would EVER take on a job that entailed math, and lots of it, i have learned from past experiences to never say never too soon.

why i actually agreed to take on this job to become the designated accountant is still an enigma. i was never good in math, contrary to the chinese stereotype that we all should practically be walking calculators. i recall, in all my years in school, math like almost every other normal kid was my waterloo. bury me in literature and science and i would gladly take on the challenge but the moment you throw me an algebraic equation or a proving problem then watch me choke, gag, and eventually twitch myself to death! i was THAT bad... i was so bad... my parents, in their misguided thoughts of giving me an edge, sent me to take ADVANCED MATH classes at the SAKYA ACADEMY, this buddhist school near where we used to live notorious for their math subjects. they coudln't have done anything worse, neither could have they been any more wrong... they might as well have wrapped me in a bacon blanket and thrown me to the lions.

anyway, case in point, im BAD in math, and yet, here i am, pressing calculator buttons like a mad man, day in and day out, hoping to GOD almighty that i don't punch in the wrong figures since doing so could spell the difference between finding a lost cent to searching a missing million!!! the responsibilty of balancing the books weighs heavily on my shoulders daily and i really hope i have what it takes to last. well, just long enough that my folks don't disown me that is!

sometimes i really wonder what the hell do i get myself into...


dabo said...

eh addition subtraction lang yan. kaya yan. ikaw pa!

we believe in you!

sabay sabay! isang bagsak for jaime!

hep hep... hooray!

hep hep! hooray!!

i'm a narnian said...

this is funny. :) hahaha

gentle said...

the moment you throw me an algebraic equation or a proving problem then watch me choke, gag, and eventually twitch myself to death!

hehehe. parang ako lang nung hayskul at kalej. :)

joelmcvie said...

I suggest you hire a completely cute assistant. The hunkier, the better. Hey, maybe one of the kargadors at the pier is fantastic in math!

wanderingcommuter said...

isn't that you know how to use abacus. or its somebody else? hehehe

Reena said...

hehehe...Dabo is funny. hooray!!!

we support whatever decision you make. :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Jaime, tapos konting multiply and divide lang yan.

Go go go!

ShatterShards said...

Oddly enough, I chose Accounting as a course because I HATE math. If you really look closely, accounting is merely addition and subtraction, but at the heart of it, it has more to do with grammar, logic, and a knack for story-telling.

Or maybe I'm just saying this, because I've seen true math, and its name is Engeneering. hehe