Tuesday, March 10, 2009

only up to here

only up to here.

i can take you only so far,
only up to here.
though i hold your hand tightly
and hesitate to let you go
i can take you only so far
only up to here.

only up to here.

i send you off to walk
the remains of the distance, long.
you were unsteady, unsure at first,
but you tread it bravely alone.
you glanced back to look
to where i stood, i took my place:
here, i beamed at you proudly;
here, i shared in your courage;
here, i longed to be with you;
where i could take you only so far,
alas, only up to here.


gentle said...

bkit may holding back. bakit only up to there. go ol da wei! hehehe. nice poym, jamie.

jamie da vinci! said...


nakita nyo ba tong nawawalang batang ito (refer to pic above)

hahahahaha :) tnx, gentle.

Anonymous said...

ouch. yun lang.

gentle said...

hehehe. :)

MisterHeuge said...

love this.

but my dirty mind can't help but interpret "only up to here" in a kinky way. hehe.

jamie da vinci! said...

@MH. ay! dirty dirty!!!:)