Thursday, March 5, 2009

bear in waiting

there was something strangely comforting in sitting on that chocolate brown, leather chair, nestled in the confines of its upholstered body while sipping my warm cup of coffee (black and artificially sweetened, of course). i faced the large window of the shop and observed as strangers ascended from the escalator beyond the pane, unknown faces bearing marks of their unknown stories, hoping that one of them would register as something familiar.

people watching has definitely become an enjoyable past time of mine. it is a hobby i had learned to love as there had been days where i find myself waiting for hours on end, for people who have missed their scheduled time of arrival. it is a good test of one's patience, an exercise of endurance to control temper as well as learn to appreciate the simplicity, even the mundanes of life. today was one of those days again. the mall was in its usual state of flux. people moved about heading off to their respective destinations, with their personal agendas in need of urgent fulfillment. people meeting, people shopping, dining, walking, running, holding hands, perusing, indulging, chatting, studying, sitting down, loitering. they exhibit a plethora of moods, expressed in a legion of faces, each one for me to behold, each one for me to ponder on and appreciate.

then you came in. i spotted you from the corner of my eye for it was your walk that gave you away. though you could have been easily lost in a sea of strangers that day, totally inconspicuous, you stood out like a sore thumb for you alone bore purpose in you stride. you walked over to me. i pretended to not have seen you. you said hello. i said hello back. you took your seat on the chair next to mine, an identical twin to my current leather cocoon. i adjusted myself. you made yourself comfortable.

my cup of coffee laid empty on the table in front of me.

"hello syoti. how are things with you?"

my people watching had come to a halt. indeed, something else now had my undivided attention.


Lawrence said...

well..... thats a nice story...


pie said...

wel wel wel. undivided attention indeed. may part two ba ito? :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@lawrence. hehehehe, salamat.

@pie. but of course :)