Monday, March 16, 2009

the other tree

slowly, slowly, slowly,
thy words soaked into my hard skull.
my orifices lay agape, channels to flow,
my brain throbbed in its excitement.
letters and ideas slid down my passages;
naked, and raw, refined, and processed;
hitting their mark, finding their place,
they stroked, they soothe, they lulled, they moved,
until i have became fully subject to their slavery.

i lay on thy bed, in complete surrender.
a recipient of thy utterance, an enchanted listener.
my defenses held back, my conscience disengaged;
my mouth was muffled, my strength exhausted;
my soul captivated, my spirit stupefied.
for i had turned my gaze and found another,
to a beauty, my glazed eyes had thought better.
she offered me eternity in her ivory arms,
and rapturous bliss in her glorious bosom.

Athena, her majesty, had descended on top,
in her chiseled brass amour, blinding in the sun.
i lay myself down, transfixed at her splendor,
distracted from her tool, sharpened, on hand.
for i had fallen for her lure, caught bare to her trap.
she entices you with her sweet incense,
and seduces you with her words of love.
she disarms you with her feigned tenderness,
until you are defenseless and now right for the kill.

and i died, i died, under her forceful blow.


gentle said...

hehe. this poem makes me smile in a naughty way. :)

MisterHeuge said...

someone's in a kinky mood. hehe.

dabo said...

this is a very nice poem jaime.. very coded pero it instills admiration until a complete surrender.

very lovely.

wanderingcommuter said...

this make mek, indeed...