Saturday, March 14, 2009

tagged... again!

tagged by dear architect reena, here are my answers to her life changing questions!!! :)

1. Where is your cellphone? on my lola's art deco inspired, solid narra writing desk.

2. Your hair? i still have lots of it on my head, thankfully. though the rest of my body is bare... i look like a chinese POWDER (i doubt anyone recalls this movie). i look like a sea urchin now since jogging against the wind this morning did wonders to my do. hence i am taming it by wearing a black beanie. mother says i look like a seaman. hahahaha!

3. Your father. his name is paul, after the apostle. he's at our family charcuterie right now and has been there since 4am this morning. yes people... we open shop VERY early.

4. Your favorite thing. you have no idea how i had to KILL the julie andrews in me from bursting into song! hmmm, right now, i guess it's this thierry muller perfume i wear. it smells like coffee and i never leave home without taking a BATH in it... much to my mother's protestations.

5. Your dream last night. my blog is STRICTLY PG. ahahahahaha!

6. Your favorite drink. coke zero since it's warm, and coffee... italian roast and artificially sweetened with SPLENDA! :)

7. Your dream goal. build my dream house. i already have the plans drafted in my head.

8. The room you are in. my lola's old bedroom.

9. Your fear. failure.

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years. in my dream house, maybe running a successful and fun business and probably, inshallah, teaching in design school and returning the favor and inspire others as well.

11. Muffins. cupcakes.... sonja's are the spawn of the DEVIL i tell you... the DEVIL!!!!

12. One of your wish list items. to be able to afford a reasonable SUV. a toyota FORTUNER, perhaps.

13. Where you grew up. in tondo, then we moved.... but still in tondo. then we moved back... still in tondo. square dance anyone?

14. The last thing you did. publish a post.

15. What are you wearing. boxers. yun lang :) maiinit eh!

16. Your TV. an LG flatscreen that rarely get's turned on. i just realized i haven't watched TV in a while.

17. Your pet. buddy, our second-hand hybrid shi-tzu. hyper as a hamster and horny as a rabbit! super lambing tho and would kill for a belly rub.

18. Your computer. a frankenstein from PC options.

19. Your life. dull and mostly uneventful, with rare bursts of activity.

20. Your mood. ho-hum....

21. Missing someone. hmmm....

22. Your car. a toyota REVO! my vehicle of no commitment.

23. Favorite store. ZARA.... tho i never buy anything in there. i just love feeling the fabric and looking at the colors... and the cute sales people. bwahahahaha!

24. Your summer. manageably warm. scheduling a trip to bicol for butanding watching and maybe even a trip to bali.

25. Your favorite color. aubergine, amethyst, and emerald. im currently training myself to favor citron and citrine as well. turquoise also catches my fancy.

26. When was the last time you laughed. yesterday over a really nasty email sent to me by melloidah! :)

27. When was the last time you cried. about a month ago...

28. Last person who emailed you. my client, bargaining to bring down my PF :)

29. Your favorite food. i'd rather answer how to achieve world peace... this question is JUST TO HARD!!!

30. A place you would rather be right now. in front of a classroom full of eager students.

hmmmm, who to pass this too.... what do you think narnian? you up to play? theo martin as well :)


Anonymous said...

sige, i'll try it out. i was thinking, yung colors... blue lang hahahaha. ikaw yung mga mahirap pa i-spell. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Natawa ako kay Narnian, oo nga naman, but I also like turquoise and cyan.

Naaliw ako sa pagbasa nito.
Some of it really describes you as totally weird... and funny.;)

ShatterShards said...

I remember the film Powder. No body hair whatsoever, tapos albino rin siya. Something happened to him when his mom was struck by lightning while he was still in the womb. There were talks before of a sequel to that film, but I guess the lack of viewer interest killed that intention...

blaqgurl said...

I remember the movie "Powder" it was one of my favs. Don't you go and spontaneously combust after being struck by lightening!