Sunday, March 29, 2009


i was holding onto the gear shift tightly, my left foot already atop the clutch pedal, ready to engage the 5th and final gear. my breathing grew slow and steady and despite the roaring of my engine, my hearing was muffled and all i could perceive was an eerie quiet. my eyes momentarily glanced at the rear view mirrors. i panned my surrounds, all was clear. i stepped on the gas some more, the vibrations of my vehicle grew stronger as the engine clamored for its impending release. the loose coins i keep in the car was sounding a timber that grew sharper, an ominous crescendo coaxing me to make the final move. hand pulsed, it pushed. foot tapped, it pressed, and in that one swift, synchronous motion, i shoved the gear shift into the last notch and immediately heard the engine scream in ecstasy. with full, unimpeded throttle, my vehicle accelerated forward, almost like a raging bull, speeding down the vastness of katipunan in the dead of night. i felt my entire body tighten, my muscles tensed. i had already relinquished my hold of the stick shift and my hand now found itself holding tightly the seat beside me. my left hand was controlling the wheel, turning it slightly every now and them to keep me aligned. my eyes lay focused on the seeming endless emptiness before me. how i desperately needed to fill in that space i thought. slot after slot, the faster i fill it, the better, the more exhilarating i surely will feel. my speedometer struggled at 100, i was reving at 30,000 already. i was pushing my engine to its boundaries, but i really didn't care for i had not yet reached mine. indeed, i have not yet reached my tipping point.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

Ermmm, I really don't know if my imagination is downwright mired in dirt, but is this post all about the pleasures of the solitary hand aka Mary Palmer aka pagbabate?

Oh my, that was really, really crass thing to say!


P.S. Read in my latest post about the curse you might get if you indulge in act of self-pleasuring haha

i'm a narnian said...

i drive an automatic. hahaha and you know my weird habit of looking at the rev thingie on the dashboard and not letting it go past 2. LOL

but i always like speeding sa skyway. it feels so liberating.

the one time i was drunk driving, my friends and i were along SLEX and i was driving my car and then i realized i was already doing 120. then i slowed down. i still love my life. LOL.

ay nako. i should tell you about my police chase along the pier area. LOL

MkSurf8 said...

speeding kills

Theo Martin said...

i didnt know polar bears are built for speed...haha. :) siberian husky ka na dapat jamie! haha.:)

Reena said...

uy, i saw the condura run in the papers. did you win anything? :)

ShatterShards said...

All the time I was reading, I was picturing Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in The Fast and The Furious. hehe

Not really a speed demon,I don't really care for driving.

There were caucasians about near to where we were camping. They belonged to this large group with numerous tents. They even brought their own gas range and professional-looking cook set. Plus, they have a larbrador retreiver on tow.

jamie da vinci! said...

@shattershards. ah... yes, they wer my pack. was supposed to be there with them but had that marathon on the same day. i saw the pics they took... so inggit!

jamie da vinci! said...

@theo martin. polar bears can be speed demons too you know... didn't you watch "the golden compass"? LOL