Thursday, February 5, 2009

while passing tayuman

isn't it a burden, i asked,
to wear a robe made of stone?
hewed from the cleft of the rock;
and chiseled to cover your nakedness.

it must bear heavily, i thought,
down on your delicate shoulders;
dragging on your beautiful hair;
clinging tightly on your fragile frame.

yet in your effortless poise, i marveled,
even if draped in a concrete prison.
you stood unwavering, smiling, statuesque,
looking most transcendent in your disposition.


Mugen said...

I wonder if it's the statues there that served as your inspiration. Hehehe.

jamie da vinci! said...

there was one that did... she was beautiful :) almost reminiscent of the statue in the movie "midnight in the garden of good and evil" :)

Reena said...

i've never been to tayuman. anong statue ba nandun? :)

MkSurf8 said...

i'm curious about that statue tuloy. sana you took a pic.

Reena said...

jamie, where can i buy a splint for my carpal tunel nga pala? tnx!! (typing with my left hand....)

jamie da vinci! said...

there are some that are available in hobby stores. my client sells splints and also offers rehab services ( you could also try RPT and sons at salcedo village. they would most probably have them there as well.

try immersing ur hand in warm water to relieve some of the swelling.

dabo said...

nakikita ko ito noong nag lrt pa ako. sa sta.cruz, lapit central market pa ako nagboboard noon.


it is an poem of adoration.. vivid..

Victor Gregor said...

bihira akong nakakapagsulat ng tula na basta lang. madalas, naiinspire ako sa mga tulang vivid ang imagery, gaya ng tulang ito.

dahil diyan, nakapagsulat ako tuloy ng tula. check it out: