Saturday, February 7, 2009


i tossed, i turned, like a horizontal top;
a breathless fish, struggling to find moisture.
the night darkness was in enmity with me,
i was restless, sleepless, alert, awake.
supine, prone, side-lying... all fuck'n useless!
under the sheets, perhaps, over the sheets?
clothe, topless, naked, then clothe myself again.
why tire myself playing this stupid game,
when all hope of me winning is but a dream?


Reena said...

tnx for the splint info. i'll check it out soon. have to really buy one na talaga.

insomia? hmm, maybe your body clock has changed na. force yourself to sleep early.:)

who's in the photo?

JP aka handyman said...

geez, same here.. i couldn't make myself to slumber even after i finished a book or gulp a gallon of milk...

odin hood said...

matagal ko na rin problem ang insomnia, so ang ginagawa ko na lang kung di ako makatulog, di ako matutulog hehehe

Victor Gregor said...

is this what i think this is? lol.

peripheralviews said...

I am actually beginning to ask the same thing victor.. hehehe. Just Kidding.

Passing by.

Niel Camhalla said...

I like how this presented sleeping as a game - like a wrestling match. The rhythm of the words also matched the quick and sudden movements.

When I read it again, I thought it could be about sex. Others might think other things which is good.

I like poems that seems to be something but could be seen as another.