Thursday, February 19, 2009


found myself humming this song all of a sudden. it's a french piece written by chopin, the lyrics of which i never really understood, which i also never bothered to find out its meaning. that was until now, then it all made sense why i was humming it.

it almost makes me want to cry.

tristesse, sung by tino rossi (1907-1983)

L'ombre s'enfuit, adieu beau rêve
Où les baisers sont frais comme des fleurs
La nuit fut brève
Hélas pourquoi si tôt fermer nos coeurs
A l'appel du bonheur ?
L'ombre s'enfuit, ma lèvre hésite
A murmurer l'après de nos aveux
Des mots d'adieu
Le soleil paraît trop vite
Faut-il donc que l'on se quitte ?
Demain par ta voix je voudrais tant,
Je voudrais tant retarder l'aurore
Et t'aimer encore.

L'ombre s'enfuit, tout n'est que songe
Et tu n'es plus, malgré tous nos désirs,
Qu'un souvenir
Si l'amour n'est que mensonge
Au parfum triste qui ronge
S'il est vrai qu'à moi même tu mens,
Sache pourtant que toujours quand même
Cher amour je t'aime


The shadows fly away, goodbye beautiful dreams
where the kisses were fresh as flowers.
The night was short.
Why do we close our hearts so early
calling the happiness?
The shadows fly away, and my lips hesitate
To murmur after our confession
words of good bye.
The sun sets too quickly
Well is it necessary to part?
Tomorrow I would retard with your voice,
I would retard so much the dawn
And would love you still.

The shadows fly away, nothing is but a dream,
In spite of all our wishes you are nothing else
but a remembrance.
If love is only an untruth
of sad perfume witch gnaw,
If it is true that you lie me,
Let you know that even so, for all that
Dear love, I always love you


joelmcvie said...

Hmmmm! The song I know mines the same Chopin tune, but has very different lyrics.

Reena said...

you're the only one i know who really appreciates opera. :)

does phantom of the opera qualify? that was the first CCP show i've seen when i was a kid, and it kinda stuck to me. hehehe...

peripheralviews said...

i really couldn't differentiate an opera from a musical play?

or are they the same?