Friday, February 20, 2009

say giselle bundchen 10 times really fast!

it was a welcomed distraction and quite incidentally since i was recovering from a "bad" beaching incident. lesson learned, arctic creatures such as myself should never strut around topless, much more, peltless in algae infested waters. our glorious coat shields us from the sun for a very good reason.... the sun and us, we're not friends!

burnt skin chaffing under my cotton blend shirt, slowly drying from running around makati doing the day's activities, i arrived late (much to my consternation) to le souffle to attend the product launch of the giselle bundchen ipanema collection. this would be my first ever event to attend as a guest and i honestly had no idea how to behave. intermission muna, THANKS SO MUCH FELLOW BLOGGER FOR THE INVITE! anyways, so there i was, at le souffle. ahhh, the memories of this resto. last time i was here, i was savoring a delectable piece of sea bass with my fam while celebrating my graduation from design school. the food was excellent... though i still could not understand why a fine restaurant would opt for the warehouse look for its interiors. ANYWAY!!! back to the launch party.

unbeknown to a lot of people, i think i never got over my stranger anxiety as a child since till this day at the ripe old age of (ACHOOO!), i still find myself get restless when in unfamiliar environs and surrounded by unfamiliar people. though i can put up a front wherein it looks like i am comfortable in my surrounds, deep down inside, i would probably be pissing myself already. so imagine my utter relief when i was greeted upon entering by the blogger, him (whom, am deciding not to mention his name since, well, he enjoys his anonymity). it was my first time to ever see him actually, despite having chatted with him over YM for some time now. he waved and gestured me to the registration, busy since his company handled the PR for the event. still feeling restless but not wanting to be a pest and cling on to the only "familiar" person i know, i allowed myself to be directed by the ushers on site. thankfully so, i did not have to wait long for two other blogging friends soon arrived to keep me company.

we sat at a table near the stage. it offered me a good view of the show as well as the door for i had also planned to star gaze that night. him informed me that a good number of well known ppl might show and i wanted to discreetly gaze at them and maybe even bask in borrowed starlight :) my friends and i chitchatted for a while as we waited for the place to fill up. our attentive waiter, emerson, was kind enough to refill our bread basket as we devour its contents almost instantly the moment the basket would touch the table. as i have mentioned before, i did not know how to behave, besides, i was really hungry and could practically eat a COW! sensing probably my growing ravenousness towards bread, emerson eventually informed us that the buffet was ready. BUFFET!??? i gazed at emerson's now angelic looking face with bread in mid-swallow, a twinkle in my eye, his beckoning hand directed me to the mezzanine floor. i looked back at my seatmates and in our silence, it was already agreed what our next activity would be. satiation awaits!

dinner and dessert at le souffle never fails to impress and satisfy. i am sorry but unlike my kuya who can restrain himself from eating by taking pics of his food first, i on the other hand could care less about documenting the future contents of my stomach. food will always be eaten first in my world! :) no offense to food bloggers out there, your discipline is award-worthy! here... have a biscuit as a reward! harharhar!

rubbing my tummy and mourning the loss of a week's worth of gym, the show finally expressed signs of starting. lights dimming, a voice-over, the mestizo owner graciously welcoming us, and the dancers finally appeared. my friend had wondered how it was that the organizers were going to pull this one off, highlighting flip flops. their ingenious solution, through modern ballet.

dancers, wearing body fitting, spandexy costumes started prancing about to Portuguese beats while flaying arms and feet would display the product of the night, subtlety. i'm pretty sure i could have appreciated the show more, if only i had enough blood retained in my brain as i swore while i watched these pirouetting bodies, stretching and spinning and contorting before me, that all the blood in my body was all directed down there... to my stomach. man, was i full!

the night pretty much ended with that. after the great number, the organizers arranged photo ops with the owners and some note worthy bloggers (which i am sure i am not part of in any way) and even had a raffle draw. my friend actually won, but since we had left already when they drew his name, he award was forfeited. hehehehe, sayang.

overall, my first product launch was pretty fun! i got to meet interesting people, see first hand a new line (feeling style editor!), got to witness a good show and got to take home, in my tummy, a free meal when i needed it the most! hehehehehe. i would like to thank again him for inviting me and hope that i get to attend more events like this. promise, next time, i won't eat as much! :)


Mugen said...

If my entry about the event came out as a shameless promotion, yours blossomed into something a work of a true narrator. Impressive! I love how you detailed the event. Until next time. Hope our friend would invite us again.

jamie da vinci! said...

i hope so too! :) hehehehe... i still remember the dessert.... heavenly! ahahahaha!

RainB said...

hey jamie

thanks for coming and for writing about it.


I was in your table remember? :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@rain B. and i shook your hand as i left :) how could i forget?!! :) what kind of fan would i be if i forgot, hehehehe. amiel sat in front of me and mojo jojo across me nga e. i almost DIED! hahahahaha :)

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