Wednesday, September 2, 2009


my neck is so stiff, it fells like any moment now, something's gonna give and my neck would snap in two! OUCH. this should be normal now for me, now that i'm stuck at a desk job. tight neck and upper back muscles hardened with knots and whatnot's are now my daily companions. even if i move around and stretch them often, they never seem to go away and leave me alone. the moment i'd sit back on my chair, they spasm immediately back, leaving me feeling like im wearing a concrete hoodie. i pity the masseuse that gets to work on me as i could feel them struggle to break up every nodule they find. i actually find myself apologizing to them since, i am sure they have never handled kneading anyone whose back is as bad as mine and i just hate making people suffer. (wag re-REACT!)

i sometimes envy my friends who look so relaxed when the get massaged. it seems all that effleurage really helped and while they would get up feeling all refreshed and rejuvinated, here i am wondering when all that release i am supposed to feel would kick in. exercise is supposed to help alleviate tightness since it promotes blood circulation, however based on the subtle complaints (masquerading as comments) my masseuse would make, it seems to be doing quite the opposite.

standard ice-breaking conversations they would make me upon first having a feel of my back would go something like this:

masseuse: "sir, ang tigas naman ng likod nyo. bukol bukol. lagi siguro kayong nag-gi-gym noh?"

me: "hehehehe. medyo. pangpatangal lang ng suya sa trabaho."

"ah. ganoon ho ba? e, ilang beses naman ho kayo pumupunta ng gym?"

"um.... (hestitates a bit) er.... 6 times a week?"


and with that answer, my masseuse knew his fate was sealed. obviously, i had a lot of suya to deal with. good thing i chose to neglect to inform him that i run marathons and kickbox as well. he just might bring a jackhammer next time i come to visit.


cb :: 林偉文 said...

ouch! maybe it's time you let your muscles rest. baka mamaya kailangan na ng steamroller next time na magpamassage ka.

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