Friday, September 4, 2009

the call of the good son

"hey, you forgot you lunch", kuya said. i had forgotten about my baon again as i was hurrying out for work. such is often the case when something breaks me from my usual morning routine. kuya was at the dining table munching on hotdogs the help had left for us for breakfast when i approached. as i was packing my food, kuya told me that he spoke to his boss the night before. they were having a performance appraisal and he was asked how he was doing. what kuya said after that almost made me cry.

it was 830 in the morning and dad was home, sitting on his chair watching TV. he had the volume up again, like how he usually does since (though he denies it still), i think he is already hard at hearing. he strains to watch since his other eye is still unusable. he sits there quietly and i could not help but realize, after speaking to kuya, how old my dad has become.

i had driven mom to the shop in chinatown that morning at 6am. since dad could no longer handle the business, mom has been doing it for him. she complains little and she tries to bear as much as she can, but despite her brave facade, you know she is starting to give. you know she's tired and you know she doesnt want anyone to know. i watched her walk away from my rear view mirror after i dropped her off. her walk, her look as she crossed the street, spoke volumes to me, and yet, i did not know what to do to help.

kuya mentioned the reversal of roles now, now that our parents are getting older. the pressure is on again. i dont think it was ever off to begin with anyway. this time however, the pressure is for real.

love will overcome.