Sunday, September 20, 2009

eyes wide shut

"kiss him", the familiar voice told me. it's tone, non- suggesting but more like demanding that i give in to the deed. i leaned in and did just that, feeling his tender lips rest against mine. i was standing a short distance away, taken aback by my seeming coolness to kiss what almost looked like a complete stranger, wondering to myself, how can i be so nonchalant, more so, who is this person telling me what to do? as i turned my gaze upon the owner of the commanding voice, i saw myself again, standing by myself lying in bed with another, a person who's face i now recognized. we were kissing, slowly undressing, giving in to carnal desires, all with careful attention to specific instructions from my directing voice. i was three separate consciousnesses, all sentient of what the other was thinking, doing, experiencing. i zoomed in to take a close-up shot, in the middle of my kiss, i could see the angle was perfect. as i turned away, not being able to bare the lewdness of the act, my hand reached down to him and i felt his soft skin burning against mine. "finish it now" i said again, our bodies now intertwined in a dance of violence and sheer lust, my expression, air-hungry and almost in complete disbelief.

i opened my eyes to the blinding fluorescent light of my bedroom, to the flickering screen saver of my laptop. the room was freezing and i was without a blanket. i looked at the time and realized i had fallen asleep again, fatigued from working three consecutive nights. i could not handle it anymore. i clicked on my laptop to hibernate. i collected all my documents strewn all over my bed, and reached for my fleece blanket. as i got up to turn off the lights and rested my head on my willing pillow, i felt myself slowly slip back to the dream, but i was now alone. no one else was there.


pie said...

weird dream, jamie.. weird but erotic. hehe.

must go easy on yourself.. tingnan mo kung anu ano tuloy napapanaginipan mo.

Anonymous said...

i can't see you in something erotic. i mean this as a compliment. :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@pie. i agree. must take it easy now.

@narnian. i can't see myself either. then again, there i was, seeing myself three times over! LOL

citybuoy said...

strange dream. and in such contrast with the picture you painted if you waking up. pie's right. take it easy. vienna waits for you.

Knoxxy said...

sexy dream! wish there was more! hehehe