Thursday, November 13, 2008

what a full moon can do

strange what happens when i let my id and ego run amok while my superego takes a break.

i was walking home this evening along the streets of tondo after finishing my workout. tonight was a good workout session as i got to do a lot. sure it took me around 3 hours to finish but at least i felt not a minute of it was wasted. anyways! so there i was walking in the deserted streets of my ghetto neighborhood, veins surging with enough testosterone i presume, to straighten me out, when i happened to look up into the night sky. oh my, i recall saying to myself in my most manliest of tones, the moon is full tonight, and it was beautiful. out of the (midnight) blue, i found myself singing under my breath while dimly lit jeepneys and 18 wheeler trucks pass me by....

"somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light, some one's thinking of me, and loving me tonight...." with matching vibrato pa!

it was either the effect of the full moon on my already blood-deprived brain or this was just me finding an opportunity to sing one of the few songs i know, since, well, the situation was just PERFECT for a musical number!! i say, it was a little of both.

like in all things unusual with me, i can often trace back the origins of my peculiarity with my upbringing. in this case, how my yayas, bless THEIR many souls since i think i had a battalion who handled me as i grew up (none could last long enough. i was told to be quite a gremlin), would park me in front of a disney cartoon, hoping, praying that it would be sufficient to keep me still long enough for them to do their "normal" yaya duties.

so there i was, impressionable me, my tabula rasa subpsyche slowly absorbing the lessons of the world through the instructions given by wizards and puny kings, by talking mice, ducks, dogs, deers, owls and what ever other animal that stowed away in Noah's ark, and by princesses who SING at every chance they get! the latter probably the cause why their stepmothers would sinisterly plot their untimely demise (we all know these tales have been sugar coated to be more GP). like an unknowing participlant in a top secret brainwashing program by the US government, i eventually succumbed to the subliminal suggestions and made the weird connection between cartoons, and that they were a metaphor for real life (even before i knew what a metaphor was). valuable lessons and slivers of wisdom were soon derived during these formative years and habits, odd practices and a different perspective in life eventually formed.

cha-nis mik-hi maw!

so now, it's no surprise that people find me more animated than your average human being, that sound effects and weird gestures are part of my normal vocabulary and expression, that i quote lines made popular by talking animals like they were passages from the Bible, and why, on certain RARE occasions, i suddenly would just burst into song.

no wonder on my last trip to sagada, i had this incredible urge to suddenly bolt out running unto the edge of the precipice, with an orchestra gearing into a crescendo in my head and sing... "the hills are alive!!!!! with the sound of muuuuuuusssiiiiiic!"


Will Shady said...

It's coincidental you posted the video from An American Tale. I just recently bought my neices that dvd and Fievel Goes West too cuz they came in a bundle and was on sale. But anyways, I guess I'm brainwashing my neices too with Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, and other cartoons/animations cuz I hope it'll keep them occupied. At least this will make them animated when they grow up, which I hope will keep me laughing in years to come. :) But I will say I suffer from the same problem, cuz certain events trigger clips from movies in my head and makes me wanna reenact them. ;)

dabo said...

hahaha! go!!

and when it rains I usually wish to bump with Judy Garland lol :)

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

So which animated character do you portray most of the time?

Tabula raza ei, I remember Aristotle's qoutes. "the mind of a person is like a tabula raza".. nyaha!

anyways, I happen to be a lover of full moon, I'm so amazed by it's brightness during the night, except midnight.. kung saan saan na napupunta imahinasyon ko kaya di na ko nagtatagal sa labas ng bahay namin baka kung ano makita ko!!!

Toilet Thoughts said...

Funny. I could almost picture you breaking into a song. That would've been like watching live broadway. hehe.

That song used to be my dad's lullubuy for me. And eventually became our theme song, though we won't sing it like a couple of mice but ala James Ingram (minus Patty, or whoever girl was the duet).

Haaay. Disney.and a whole lot more. musicals and broadway. I live and breathe them when I was a kid, plus a bunch of notebooks, stickers and music tapes. My dad thought they were effective enough to keep me company and keep me tamed. hehe.

Sad, I wasn't able to see the moon last night. And possibly hear you howl (were you able to turn yourself into a wolf?).

Trip said...

napangiti ako doon ah. imagine, a buff chinese guy singing a song from the sound of music. weird. hehehe

p.s. please dont do that. hehehe

jamie da vinci! said...

@will. being a tekkie guy, you can actually insert additional messages into the cartoons for future use with ur nieces. :) i'm such such a task would be "sisiw" for you. you'll never know when u'll actually need it. bwahahahaha (mad scientist laugh!)

@dabo. i love julie andrews with a PASSION! sad she can no longer sing because of throat surgery. judy garland was cute with wizard of oz, but she reminds me too much of lizza now, which look like the female michael jackson!! freaky!

@dylan. though technically a mute, i think i can relate the most with WILE E. COYOTE, SUPER GENIUS!!! la lang. he's as crazy as cartoons go. also, i learned to appreciate the laws of physics because of him. as long as i don't buy anything from the ACME company, i think i'll be fine :)

red moons are better! i only saw one once at it was mesmerizing!

@jepoy. i don't do fur, unfortunately. PETA will not be pleased. though not really a broadway nut (yet), i am slowly getting there. cartoons were the start to my odyssey of the arts!

how sweet ur dad sings to you. my mom used to sing this chinese lullaby. i choke up everytime i hear it. emotions too overwhelming.

@you obviously havn't seen the latest breed of opera singers trip :) no longer your typical fat italian in fox tails but HOT, HUNKY, SEXUAL FANTASY MATERIAL!!! pwede pang survivor philippines :) peksman!!!! :) and don't worry, i never give public performances. hehehehehe.

trek... said...

freaky! i knew i'd recognize that. i had the same mickey mouse cap from ages ago. now where did i hide it, hmmm?

funny i was driving to sta. lucia last night with a collegue's kid when i saw the full moon. the little imp kept bugging me about "multo".

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

coyote ei, tha wud make me the road runner.. beep beep!!!

gentle said...

hi jamie! yes, what a full moon can do, indeed. :) so you did that julie andrews production number right in sagada, haha! i think my gentle heart just cooed with the chilly winds, and the chirping birds, and yes oh yes, with ms andrews herself.