Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a walk to remember

"do you remember these parts? back when you used to be here?"

"yes". he smiled faintly, nodding to my question.

"i'm sure things barely changed throughout the years. these parts look old, they feel old. i look at these trophies sometimes when i have nothing to do. i read the dates and i wonder, what it might have been to be here back then."

he stayed quiet. we ascended the polished concrete steps, worn from thousands who have walked on them throughout the years, to the third floor where the auditorium was. the moon was full that night and cast a silver glow upon the walls. shadows quivered as a cool breeze blew. we entered into the auditorium and stood under its expanse. i stood behind him and rested my arms on his shoulders. he was younger back then, proud, strong and stubborn. standing in that room however, changed him momentarily. it made him somehow more tender, softer, kinder, gentler. he was reminiscing and i could only wish to know what was going through his mind.

"ei!" a familiar voice shouted from the stage. "what are you two doing here?" it asked.

"we're here to see you. are you still going to be long?" i shouted back.

"no. i can go ahead, we're almost done anyways."


i turned my gaze back to him and his face had not change. a faint smile still fixed on his dark face, his eyes surveying every detail of the auditorium, every point eliciting a vague, distant memory of time gone by. then he stopped his gaze on me.

"sorry to keep you guys waiting. oh by the way, you gotta hear this tape i got. i'm sure you'll like it. her name is enya."

"let's listen to it when we get home 'hya, it's late and dad still has to get up early for work tomorrow." i said.

i never got to ask him what he was remembering when we were back in my old high school. no point asking about it now since i doubt he still remembers. but i guess back then, just being able to connect with him, share a place, a memory with him, even briefly, was good enough for me.

love you pa. never thought you'd be a softee too :)

happy birthday.

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