Thursday, November 20, 2008

i was a cloud chaser

a change of view.

a change of perspective.

to see the day from the ground up.

and behold the majesty of the firmament on high.

roxas blvd., 10:14am

legaspi street, 11:08am

legaspi street, 1:37pm

paseo de roxas, 1:56pm

eastwood city, libis, 2:06pm

eastwood mall, 2:45pm

eastwood city, libis, 5:15pm

C5, 5:46pm

32nd street, fort bonifacio, 6:10pm

starting to feel the pinch of having a major burn out, i decided to add a slight variation to my routine. talk about borderline O.C., i somehow have trained myself to have a fixed mindset whenever i work. this rigid framework i have translates to everything basically i do in the entire day, from the time i wake up, to the radio station i listen to, to the speed of my drive, to which side of the road i drive in, to where i would eat my lunch and to what time i would have to start heading back home. being a freelancer, being orderly this way has it's perks, unfortunately, it certainly takes out the joy of having a spontaneous day.

yesterday, during my drive to see my sites, i found myself looking up, something i don't usually do actually. through the tint of my car and my sunglasses, i saw the clouds from afar, churning. it looked awesome since the billows looked as if they were kneading the sunlight. you couldn't really see it unless the light was filtered out, which in my care, it was. since i was waiting for the light to change, i took a quick pic and kept it for posterity, something i do from time to time.

as my day went on however, i found myself taking more and more pics of the sky. everytime i find myself feeling restless, i stop, look up and take a pic of the sky above me. from the number of pics posted, it's obvious i was pretty much high strung the entire day. though this unusual practice of mine seemed quite strange, (i do recall seeing a few ppl looking up with me whenever i would look up, they prolly think of me crazy) it did help me a bit to calm down. it broke the momentum of my anxiety, everytime i look up and allow myself to get lost in the expanse. i felt insignificant, unimportant, lost, but these feelings were quite soothing actually. to look up was to relinquish control over petty things and surrender myself momentarily to a greater operation that involved things far beyond me and the objects that i continue to fuss about.

to look up, i exhaled. haaaaaaaayyyyyyyy..... makes me wanna add a skylight in my room.

i wonder how you can do that from the second story of a house?


Chyng said...

Business Districts Tour? (--,)

Trip said...

are u doing an onsite visit on the course ur going to run tomorrow? kidding. :)

Mugen said...

When I feel so boxed up and trapped by my own sense of mortality, I look up in the sky to be reminded of its endlessness.

gentle said...

chasing clouds ha? parang magandang title for a movie... weee!!! :)

jamie da vinci! said...

@chyng. a business district tour? kinda looks like it, doesn't it? :) thanks for dropping by.

@trip. i actually did. knowing how i am and how i am with directions, i made it part of my agenda last night to familiarize myself with the course. was hoping to run it as well but didn't have time. :) nice profile pic.... hahahaha!

@mugen. it love the sky and the feeling of being minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

@gentle. if it does become a movie, i want to commission!!! hehehe.