Monday, November 10, 2008

rampage at myron's place

we celebrated dad's birthday last night, as we always do whenever we feel festive, with another display of sheer, unabashed gluttony. the scene of choice.... myron's place at greenbelt 5.

i have heard and read a good many reviews about this place, mostly from bloggers who have been trying to compare the restos situated along this particular strip of the new mall. of course, i am still a die-hard fan of felix's, of which is still the place to beat in terms of food, ambiance and service, in my opinion. but fine... let us TRY to give other establishments a chance to woo us.

myron's place is essentially your typical american steak house, only packaged in (very) expensive gift wrap. though they try to reinvent the food and offer exotic sounding ingredients and additions like foie gras and scallops, you still know at the dish's very core, it's still the same ol' diner food, comforting and very hearty. not really a bad thing if you're in a particularly carnivorous mood, of which that night, we all were.

after closely scrutinizing their laser-jet printed menu, we settled on the following dishes...


beef "sisig" samosas with foie gras
oven-baked mussels
stockholder's salad
cream of pumpkin soup


BBQ baby back ribs, for mom
grilled australian lamb chops, for dad
franco cut black angus rib eye steak with foie gras, for kuya and i
(served with a side of mashed potatoes and 3 different kinds of sauces)


bread pudding


as you can see, nothing exemplary with our choices. you can definitely find the same selections in other less fancy restaurants for sure. what could only set myron's apart, in my opinion is the service. very pleasant staff, attentive and well informed (i certainly LOVE servers who know what they are serving).

the beef samosa was interesting. almost like having a jamaican patty but with a hint of foie gras velvetiness. i think i would have enjoyed it better if it wasn't as greasy since biting into the golden packets almost felt like drinking oil.

the mussels and the salad was rather unremarkable. it tasted good but was, well, just unremarkable. i guess you can only do so much with such dishes.

for our main courses. mom had the baby back ribs, to which she only got to eat half. partly due to her already being full (e kasi naman, daming kinain na complementary bread, pero in fairness, masarap sya ah!), and partly due to her not being able to stand the rather pungent smell of the pork. i took a taste and despite the marinade and the generous BBQ sauce on the ribs, neither really did much to mask that porky smell. i definitely would understand how unappetizing it would eventually get after you've had a couple of mouthfuls. dad, having manned a charcuterie all these years, said it did not taste good at all (mas grabe pa critique nya!)

i wasn't able to sample dad's lamb chops. but basing from how fast he devoured it, i'm pretty sure it wasn't bad. dad concurred with a grunt when i asked how it was.

our steaks arrived last, a 2-inch thick, 450g slab of australian black angus rib eye, medium grilled, of course. served with a slice of pan-seared foie gras and grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes as our starch of choice. i forget what the sauces were except that one was a shiraz reduction (wine based), the other was probably made from blue cheese and the last, a peppercorn mix. i liked the first and the last... not really a fan of cheesy sauces, really.

the steak was truly tender with copious amounts of marbling. the steak rub caramelized beautifully over the meat, giving it a distinct aroma and flavor, an olfactory and gustatory delight for sure. even the fat, which i most often trim off for obvious reasons, was too good to waste. in no time at all, my plate was clear. i think i even finished way ahead of everyone else.

ang BABOY BABOY KO!!! i'm sucha phfffiiig!

the bread pudding was a good way to end our rich dinner. served with coco jam, caramel syrup and a scoop of chocolate ice cream, it was surprisingly not too sweet, nor too rich.

overall, our dinner experience at myron's place was truly delightful. the food (except for the ribs) was good and comforting. the place was beautiful and charming. coupled with great company, the night was definitely memorable.


on a side note, though not the fault of the resto but my own lack of inhibition. all that foie gras consumed is now giving me problems.... UGH!


Trip said...

ay sus, indi man ko ya maka-relate masyado. napaka-foreign ng fud. hehehe. pero alam ko kahit na nagka problema tiyan mo ang importante ay buo kayong magpamilya na sumasalo sa iisang hapag kainan. eating is one activty that family must enjoy. ;)

wanderingcommuter said...

bakit kailang pa'ng picturan? at bakit kailangan ko pa siyangmakita ngayong gutom na gutom na ako....huhuhu...

belated sa daddy mo.

kenshin said...

hayz... i'm craving for an ice cream cake.. and i saw one here...

kindly add me up in your links if u don't mind..;) i'll do the same.. your posts seems fun. wehe.


jamie da vinci! said...

@trip. pag kasing takaw mo rin ako... for sure, makaka-relate ka! :) pero tama nga sinabi mo, though di man ako super nabusog sa pagkain ko, nabusog naman ata ako sa hangin sa kakatawa kasama ang pamilya. kuya ko naempacho! hahahaha

@wandering commuter. wala ka bang nickname? haba kasi i-type ngalan mo :) hehehehe, i took photos for the sake of posterity and an aid for my ever unreliable memory :) actually, the pics were meant to serve as lure for a particular reader of this blog, situated on the other side of the globe... something for him to look forward to WHEN he decided to visit me :) i apologize though for causing you misery, u were an unfortunate casualty of my trap.

@kenshin. arigato gozaimasu for dropping by. i have already taken the liberty of adding you up. many thanks for finding my bouts of insanity amusing... always a pleasure to make ppl smile :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

Hi! thanks for the nice food review.

Budget wise, how much did it fare? Price range per usual viand?

Thanks man!

(toilet on blog leave, but flushing by for food reviews)

jamie da vinci! said...

budget-wise? well, the prices (in my opinion) was pretty reasonable. the starters were priced around 400 to 500+. the 450g steak was about 600++ i think, not bad considering it came with the sidings and the SIZE. OUTBACKS would cost about the same as well. the offer the myron's cut with is a HUGE cut for about 1200++ which is good for sharing... unless u really feel greedy :)

our dinner that night totaled to about 8000+. it was rather expensive but hello... sa dami man kaya inorder namin! :) though not a place you would want to eat regularly in, i dont mind some pampering every now and then :)

gentle said...

thanks for reviewing the place jamie.
will put myron's in my to-visit places. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha... soweee... i go with ewik...

since, alam ko'ng magtatanong ka din bakit agnaun nickname ko....

eto ang sagot: i can't pronouce R properly. i pronounce it as W... thus, my friends call me ewik instead of eric

jamie da vinci! said...

@ewik. cyber-lisp? :) hahahaha. ewik it is then :)

Anonymous said...

nakakainis ka. nakakagutom naman to oh! it's almost 11pm and I want ice cream.

sana pwede kong kainin mga ipinost mo!

hehe.. i always visit and manage to read ur posts kahit na sa tingin mo eh puro kabaliwan mga pinagsusulat mo..

i think when it comes to being insane and weird... panalo ako..

kape tayo!

jamie da vinci! said...

u have yet to read my most RECENT post... as far as weirdness goes, the jury is still out on that one and from the looks of things, i am still very much in the running! :)