Sunday, November 2, 2008


the criterion clearly stated that the costume was something you would NOT wear on a regular day. i distinctly remember reading it on the company bulletin board when i passed by the studio one morning for my pilates class. that was also the day when my client informed me that they will be expecting me at her house in san lorenzo for the party cum house warming on the 31st. i gladly said yes to the invite despite the fact that i was screaming inside in sheer panic. i have never been to a costume ball before and have really no idea what to come in as. a battle plan was in order and i had to exclaim the phrase not often used for Halloween... "i have nothing to wear!"

i designated thursday to be make or break day for me. i took to the corridors of tutuban PRAYING that my fleamarket of fleamarkets would not let me down. more so, that my imagination would eventually stir up some crazy idea that would not only be fun to wear but also cheap.... i had to consider that i was also broke and buying a costume would just be too indulgent.

i had the original option of coming in as a taliban, though that would require me to layer on too much clothing, something i knew would just get me all uncomfortable. then there was also the idea of dressing up like ex-manila mayor lito atienza. i chanced upon a store that sold bright Hawaiian shirts that gave me the idea, but the shirts were too pricey for just one time wearing (no way am i gonna wear a Hawaiian shirt in public!). then there was also the landlady idea. dress up in a batik dress, fluffy slippers, a cigarette and hair rollers.... problem is, my hair can't support the rollers. also another option was to buy yards of orange fabric and come in as a Buddhist monk... i just didn't want to shave my head. so i had one option left, an idea crystallized with melloida a few hours prior.

i came in as a korean tourist! i wore my cross trainers, grey wool dress socks, dark cargo shorts, a dress belt, a belt bag, a long sleeved shirt, a knitted vest, a sun visor and my dark rimmed glasses. that coupled with a tourist ID and my camera and pouch slung across my body . that's with me and bong, the hunchback. i loved her costume so much, i just had to have my pic taken with her. SEE, i was in tourist character too!!! the people around were obviously dumbfounded by my utterly clever disguise.

my client, bless her heart, got it at an instant and said that i was very convincing. i guess it helps as well if you lived in china for a few years. the other's however needed some more explaining on my part. too much for trick or treat... where's the treat then!? sigh.... o well! at least the "boss" got it :) here are some more pics from the party courtesy of richie.

korean tourist with the boys of allez hop!

the fornicating friars. richie with wife, karts :)

korean tourist hamming it up with one of the friars!

the undead family of allez hop!

zombied taong grasang binaliw. girl in best costume: che

the vengeful wife from the grave. runner up, girl in best costume: renee

the public hospital patient. boy in best costume: ervin

death on steroids. runner up, boy in best costume: vic

THE END.... mwahahahaha!!

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convincing! hahaha