Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the curious incident of the body by the curb

while driving to my morning jog today at 530am, i found myself stuck in a traffic jam. quite unusual really since there are barely any vehicles on the road this early in the morning. to find myself stuck in a gridlock was truly puzzling.

as my car slowly inched forward, i finally found out what was causing all the congestion. i already had a bad feeling as i saw the flickering of police lights. there was a dead body (i think since i didn't really get to see it) dumped on the side of the road. not really sure if it was an accident victim, or a murder victim or a body dump, basta, patay! the cops were there.... and a SWARM of by-standers. it was the swarm, coupled with the drivers slowing down to make usisero that was causing the gridlock. who would have thought something so gruesome could be so entertaining? well, i didn't really bother to stop and watch since i didn't want to add to other people's already building agitation. it was too early to piss people off, i thought.

as i drove back home later that morning after my run, the swarm was still there and the traffic, twice as congested. i guess as people woke up, they TOO also needed to see what all the commotion was about.

this early in the morning...

i am so glad i was too tired, hungry, and sleepy to give a rat's ass. my more lucid self would be cussing his head off by now.


gentle said...

tsk, tsk,

JoShMaRie said...

napadaan at nakibasa mula sa blog ni dylan :)

jamie da vinci! said...

after reading this post again, i was quite amazed how calloused i sounded. here is dead person, his life so violently taken from him, his family probably worried sick about his whereabouts, his assailant still probably roaming about scott free. yet here i am complaining about traffic. how cheap is human life nowadays, more so, how jaded i must be already to feel so inconvenienced by this terrible scene.