Monday, September 29, 2008

toilet humor, not

had an early start to my day today since i accompanied my kuya to attend his first pilates lesson this morning at the studio. whilst on our way to makati, we were listening to "goodtimes" on 89.9 when mo twister threw in a question that, quite frankly, got me a bit agitated. he was asking if gay men should have their own public toilet, a form of courtesy i guess for straight men who feel uncomfortable peeing besides us, lest we defile them in their most awkward of moments.

i have heard of many a story about the things that happen inside public toilets nowadays and can understand the uneasiness that ppl may feel. i too sometimes feel the same anxiety whenever i go into one, not that i am really a specimen of beauty to be ever considered for such "eccentric" acts of lust, nor that i will ever let things happen if i do get propositioned. so yeah, maybe straight men do have credence to feel what they feel against gay men, but to generalize that all gay men will hit on them and want to have a slice of their man-pie is just pushing it a tad bit too much. and to "solve" the problem, we get our own restroom??? dude.... that's just like opening a ginormous can of worms! it's creating a bigger problem than a solution.

experience and being bullied in school has taught me that when using the toilet, try ur best to use the cubicle. if the urinal is ur only option, keep urself to the farthest end and either look straight ahead onto the wall or look down and mind ur own business. NEVER make eye contact for whatever reason.... ever. lest you want to find yourself getting an atomic wedgie or worse, a black eye. now that i am older (and hopefully wiser) i am learning to dispel this fear that i have of staring, rather, of staring back. though i still exercise extreme measures of modesty especially in the rest room, i do now stand my ground if ever i do catch people giving me snake eyes. i stare back at them and give them a smile... a very nonchalant gesture i have found to be quite effective to have them to look away.

giving gay men their own toilets may sound like an great plan (only a straight neanderthal could come up with something so ingenious!) but i sincerely think doing such will just create a greater schism in our already polarized society. i have this notion that people, despite their bests of intentions, always opt to take the easy way out. u feel uncomfortable peeing, give the gays their own potties! everyone will be happy, right? but if that would have been the case, then what will they do then if for some reason, ppl find it uncomfortable to pee beside, lets say a white man. maybe because they feel insecure and shy to pee beside him coz his schlong is much larger than theirs and they can't seem to concentrate in doing their business? what then? or, what if ppl start to find it disturbing when fat people use the restroom, cause they make us feel uneasy and we feel like they are taking too much of our space? these hypothetical situations may seem laughable but really, to me, they sound as baseless as the idea of having gay toilets.

its discriminatory, plain and simple and there can be no ifs or buts around it. dont get me wrong, in no way do i condone lude behavior, but really, why do we all have to pay for the actions of some? if you being a straight male feel that you are being disrespected, then speak out. dont hide behind a stupid solution to make ur problems go away. hell, have balls and be a man! i believe in the end, education is the best solution. ppl behave the way they behave because they rather dwell on misconceptions rather than on fact. though you can never completely eliminate deviant behavior, i believe you can however increase ppl's awareness, more so, their sense of courtesy if you educate them. if they really have an itch to scratch, then have them find it somewhere else where it's more acceptable. hopefully, by educating people to respect others and also, respect themselves, they would know better and conduct themselves better with other people.

during the show, i took pride on how mojo jojo defended the point of how utterly wrong this idea was. despite mo twister being the more opinionated one, he was definitely put in his place today.

gay toilets.... sheesh!

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theTripper said...

hahahaas listening to that segment/program too. mo twister always like tackling issues on homosexuality and i guess he's a discreet homophobic. hehehe

u raised a good point about the possible domino effect in case a gay cr would be created. i have my own insight too and i intend to write about it as soon as i have time.